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A Dyson Vacuum Review: An Overview of 3 of the Brand’s Latest Models

As with any Dyson vacuum review, acknowledgement must be given to the brand for its success in establishing itself as a major player in the vacuum cleaner industry in such a relatively short time.  Dyson was founded in 1993, although it arguably began much earlier, when founder James Dyson first started tinkering with wheelbarrows and an old Hoover.  Since that time, it has managed to make its mark in several ways—not least in being the company to popularize cyclonic vacuum technology, or bag-free vacuuming. That’s a long way from playing with wheelbarrows and broken Hoovers.  It’s gone through several...

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Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Reviews

Whether its dogs, cats, or even rabbits, having pets mandates the presence of a vacuum for fur cleanup in the house: that’s where these best vacuum cleaners for pet hair reviews prove useful.  Here you can learn all you need to know about five of the top vacuums for pet owners nowadays.  This review focuses on upright and handheld models. If you are looking for a canister vacuum that is great for pet hair check out this review. The following vacuums have sufficient suction to draw in even the finest pet hairs instead of just blowing them about, are relatively...

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