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Dyson V10 Review – Overhyped and Overpriced?

Sir James Dyson has declared that there is no need to make corded vacuums anymore because the Dyson V10 is that good. A huge statement to make and a great marketing ploy by Dyson. Cordless vacuums are the future but to date have not been able to match their corded counterparts due to limitations of battery run time. Will the Dyson V10 mark a major turning point where they can finally compete? Our Dyson V10 Review goes beyond the advertising hype to find out.Introducing the Dyson V10 the reason why I’ve stopped developing full-size vacuums“The Dyson Cyclone V10 is...

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Bissell AirRam 1984 Vacuum Review

The Bissell AirRam 1984 provides high-powered performance and versatility for an upright cordless vacuum stick. As cordless vacuums run on battery, power and performance are common pitfalls. This model is not one of those and promises to be just as capable as its corded counterparts.Equipped with a multi-surface brush roll, it excels in cleaning various surfaces from rugs to carpets, bare floors to hardwood, and even tiles. It utilizes the Suction Sweep Technology that can pick-up most dirt and debris at home, including hard to sweep pet hair and litter. You’ll never run out of power as the AirRam...

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How To Get Rid Of Dust Mites In 4 Easy Steps

Dust mites’ invasion are like those alien-themed movies, where extra-terrestrials come to conquer the earth and its human inhabitants. They come in armies and build bases to increase their power. They stay and take over and make humans suffer. And then the turning point would be, humans fighting for their habitat and reclaiming ownership of their home. They kill the aliens, vanquishing them from the face of the earth. …**closing credits**. That’s how I see it whenever I’m in thought of how to get rid of dust mites infestation in our home. I want to get a specialized weapon...

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Where Do Dust Mites Come From?

Our house, however well we clean it, can’t be totally freed from dirt, dust, and other allergens. We feel itching for unknown reasons just after waking up from our supposedly clean beds. We suddenly find it difficult to breathe, even without having asthma, but only because we’ve stayed sat on our sofas while watching our favorite shows. Furthermore, we find ourselves sneezing right after cleaning our closets, suspecting a sudden onset of colds. All of these are indicators that our homes are present with constant dirt and dust, that’s why we clean it daily, right? However, there are other...

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Who Makes Maytag Vacuums? American Made Quality

Many say that purchasing a household appliance these days is about luck, particularly about which ones are sturdy enough to stand the test of time. After all, longevity is an important factor and most people will favor brands that have a strong reputation for appliances that maintain a high level of performance for many years. Maytag does just that, a US-made home and commercial appliance brand that is a mark of class, dependability and reliability. A perfect proof? Maytag has traversed more than a century of providing tough and hardworking household machines throughout generations and across the globe. Maytag...

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Best Corded Stick Vacuums for 2018 – No Batteries No Problems

Corded stick vacuums are on the rise again as they challenge their cordless counterparts in terms of durability, functionality, performance, and price. Corded sticks offer the advantage of never running out of power allowing you to take on larger cleaning tasks uninterrupted. In addition, they offer all of the other beneficial characteristics that a stick vacuum has to offer such as being very lightweight and convertible. This review looks at our top picks of the Best Corded Stick Vacuums in the market today.   WeightDust/Dirt CapacityFiltrationBagged or BaglessPowerWarrantyAttachmentsCord length Shark DuoClean Rocket (HV382)9.9 lbs. 4.6 lbs. as hand vac0.91 dry...

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Best Vacuums Under $100 – Our Top Picks for 2018

This is the final chapter in our "Best Vacuum Under" series, following our recent reviews of the Best Vacuums Under $300 and the Best Vacuums Under $200. If budget is your main decision driver in purchasing a vacuum cleaner then these articles are sure to help you find something suitable. We'll refresh these articles periodically so that the site stays up to date and reflects our view of the best vacuums in the market. Everyone wants a clean home, but not many can afford a premium-brand vacuum cleaner. Sometimes the need to be economical can impact the quality of...

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Best Vacuums Under $200 – 3 Top Options for 2018

Continuing on from our recent review of the Best Vacuums Under $300, we're cutting costs to bring you the best vacuums for under $200 in 2018. This review is the second in our 3 part series and we will drop the cost by a further $100 for the final instalment.Sometimes the hassle in cleaning is not the act in itself, but the equipment you use. Using an old, rundown vacuum can eliminate your productivity. That is why it’s important to do your homework on a vacuum before you commit to making a purchase.These vacuums all have the reputation for...

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