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CES 2017

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) took place in Las Vegas last week and is the largest gathering of technology innovators and enthusiasts in the world. Cnet have full coverage of all the great products showcasing at this event and we recommend checking out their website for all the details. The conference is full of future technology and this includes our favourite subject here at Home Vacuum Zone – vacuum cleaners! We’ve reviewed the best new vacuum cleaner tech on offer during the event and provided this neat little summary below so all our readers stay up to date on the latest innovations in cleaning technology for your home:

Vacuum Cleaner Shoes

Yes, you read that right! This is one of the more quirky innovations that we’ve come across from the Japanese auto company Denso. The shoe has developed from a concept that originally came about as part of Denso’ internal company contest held every other year. The shoe as you can guess by the name has a small vacuum inside its outer sole, which is powered by each step you take! The dust gets collected inside a small bin that is around the size of a matchbox and is also built into the sole of the shoe.

CES 2017 vacuum shoe by Denso

Denso Vacuum Cleaner Shoes on show at CES2017. Photo Courtesy cnet.com

Although we like the innovation from this concept, we doubt the shoes are going to take the vacuum industry by storm anytime soon. The practicalities of having to step repeatedly in order to drive the vacuum and tiny size of the dirt bin just don’t stack up unfortunately. But its a great story all the same!

Voice Activated Robot Vacuum Cleaners

samsung voice activated robot vacuum

The big consumer electronics players Samsung and LG made big strides into voice interaction at this year’s conference across a whole range of products, including vacuum cleaners. Both companies announced vacuum cleaners compatible with voice recognition technology. For Samsung, this technology is featured in their latest robotic vacuum cleaner that was unveiled – the Powerbot VR7000. This robot cleaner integrates with the Amazon Echo and will respond to instructions issued by Alexa – which is voice activated by you.

Improved Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Technology

LG continues to develop its CordZero vacuum technology and had their new and improved CordZero Stick and Canister Vacuums on display at CES 2017. These new models are packed full of technology designed to enhance the user experience, making cleaning easier and improving performance.

“LG’s new CordZero vacuums raise the bar in cleaning convenience for consumers by allowing them to vacuum freely from room to room,” said David VanderWaal, vice president of marketing for LG Electronics USA. “They are a powerful addition to LG’s ecosystem of products, including our allergen-reducing washing machines and our air purifiers, designed for not just a cleaner home, but a healthier one, by also helping to reduce dust and particles in the air.”

LG CordZero Stick

LG CordZero Stick CES2017

LG’s new CordZero Stick at CES2017. Photo Courtesy: LG.com

LG’s new stick vacuum has additional power that LG claim to include a motor that turns 16 times faster than an airplane engine and a battery that lasts 80 minutes! We’re excited to review this vacuum when it gets released as with a battery that lasts that long it could realistically replace corded vacuums in most homes. Dyson’s latest cordless V8 for instance only has battery life up to 40 minutes. The CordZero Stick also has a host of other features including:

  • 2 removable batteries
  • a telescoping handle
  • 5-step HEPA filtration system
  • Axial Turbo Cyclone to capture fine dust
  • Anti-tangle brush roll

LG CordZero Canister

LG CordZero Canister CES2017

LG’s new CordZero Canister at CES2017. Photo Courtesy: LG.com

LG’s new CordZero Canister includes a Smart Inverter Motor which boosts airflow with the Axial Turbo Cyclone and is powered by its PowerPack™ 72V lithium-ion battery. Using LG’s advanced Robosense™ 2.0 technology, this vacuum actually follows you around the house rather than you having to drag it making for an effortless cleaning process. Other features include:

  • Collision detection system
  • Power Drive Nozzle and Opti-balanced Handle™ designed to increase control and ease of use
  • 7-step HEPA filtration system

Have you spotted anymore Vacuum Tech from CES2017?

We’ll continue to update this page if we come across any further vacuum cleaner innovations from CES 2017. If you’ve spotted something great from the conference in the world of home vacuuming or floor cleaning we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!