Dyson Outsize Review – Best Cordless Vac in 2022?

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Dyson cordless vacuums have outperformed the competition for many years now and we have reviewed them all. The new Dyson V11 Outsize was released in 2020 and is advertised as a cordless that can finally replace your full sized upright vacuum. Let's get stuck in to see if this is true.

Dyson Outsize Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Nickel/Red

Specification at a glance - Dyson Outsize

Vacuum Type

Cordless Stick

Bagged/ Bagless



Advanced, whole-machine filtration

Cleaner Head

High Torque XL



Bin Capacity

0.5 Gallons

Charge Time

4.5 hrs

Run Time

Up to 120 minutes - See Performance Below


  • Exceptional cleaning performance and filtration on all floor types.
  • Up to 120 minutes cord-free run time
  • The most powerful Dyson Cordless to date
  • Removeable battery (Finally!)
  • Much larger bin - 150% larger than the V10
  • Full-size cleaner head provides 25% more coverage per sweep


  • Very expensive
  • Quite heavy - 7.9lbs compared to 5.9lbs V10/ V11 (+34%)
  • No Soft Roller cleaner head, which is better than the High Torque cleaner head on hard surfaces. 
  • Trigger must be constantly pressed whilst vacuuming, which may be uncomfortable for long periods.

Dyson Outsize Features Review

Two key differences between the previous model Dyson V11 and the Outsize are the dust bin and the cleaning head. Both have been increased in size to make the Dyson Outsize, as the name suggests, suited to larger homes.

Dyson Outsize vs V11

Dyson V11 Bin (0.2 Gallons) vs Dyson Outsize Bin (0.5 Gallons)

The Dyson Outsize comes with the High Torque XL cleaning head, which is 25% larger than the High Torque cleaner head to cover more of your home, faster. It also automatically adapts suction and power to deep clean different floor types. The maneuverability of the cleaning head is also much improved compared to previous Dyson cordless models due to its articulated swivel joint. You can easily reach those hard to access areas under sofas, tables and beds with the Outsize.

Although it is suitable for all floor types, we found the High Torque XL cleaning doesn't perform quite as well on hard floors as the soft floor cleaner head that comes with the smaller Dyson V11

Dyson Outsize XL torque head

Cleaning Head Widths - Dyson V11 vs Dyson Outsize

In addition, Dyson have made the battery removable on the Outsize so that you can get double the cleaning time compared to previous fixed battery models. This is a great improvement that removes the advantage of Shark vs Dyson cordless vacuums, since Shark's cordless models have included removable batteries for some time.

I replaced my cinetic big ball with this cordless


It has all the power and functionality of my old upright but with even more maneuverability. No more cords or moving plugs to worry about. I am able to clean the house faster and more efficiently than ever. I love the oversized head and how the motor adjusts to my different floors (wood, carpet & tile). The countdown features let’s you know how much time you have left on your battery so no surprise loss of power + you have an extra battery just in case. No idea what technology allows for so much power but so little noise but my wife and cats approve.

Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Nickel/Red

Included Tools and Accessories

  • High Torque XL cleaner head
  • Crevice tool
  • Stubborn dirt brush
  • Hair screw tool
  • Combination tool
  • Mini soft dusting brush
  • Wand clip
  • Charger
  • Docking station



Refer to the table below for the expected runtimes on the Dyson Outsize. Runtimes will vary depending on the power mode and the flooring type being cleaned. For example the battery will last longest on hard floors compared to carpets. Also, low pile carpets will provide greater runtime than thicker carpets.

Dyson Outsize Battery Run Times

Suction Mode

Air Watts

Runtime 1 battery

Runtime 2 batteries


24.9 Air Watts

up to 60 mins 

up to 120 minutes


49.5 Air Watts

up to 45 minutes

up to 90 minutes


220 Air Watts

up to 12 minutes

up to 25 minutes

Conveniently, there is a digital LCD display on the handle that tells you how much battery runtime that you have left.

Dyson Outsize LCD

Suction Power

In our review of the Dyson V10 we pointed out that the V10 only had the same suction power as a full sized corded Dyson Upright when used in Boost Mode. This is also true for the Dyson Outsize and the drawback is that the battery does not last long enough in this mode to vacuum a full house. By comparison, full size uprights don't have an issue putting out their full power all the time because they are connected to the mains.

The motor on the outsize spins the brush bar up to 60 times a second at 125,000 rpm, creating 18 cyclones to generate centrifugal forces up to 79,000 Gs. The six-layer filtration system traps 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns so almost everything.

However, the Dyson Outsize has an auto suction mode that automatically adjusts the suction depending on your floor’s needs. In reality there is no need for your vacuum to be going all out all the time and using this auto mode the vacuum is able to intelligently determine when to add more suction. The runtime in auto mode using the 2 batteries included with the Outsize should be sufficient to clean most homes.

Independent tests of the Dyson Outsize running in Auto Mode versus the full sized Dyson Ball Multifloor upright showed the results of dirt collection to be very similar. So in summary, the performance of Dyson Outsize is on par with full sized mains powered Dysons. You can be sure your bare floors or carpets will be spotless after vacuuming.

Noise Level

The noise level of the Dyson Outsize varies according to the suction mode that is running. Put simply, stronger suction equals louder vacuuming and the Outsize is very loud in Boost mode. Thankfully, you won't need to use Boost mode very often, saving your battery runtime and also your ears.

Dyson don't publish official noise level ratings for their vacuum cleaners, however we've researched a number of noise level tests conducted for various reviews and these are summarised below.

Suction Mode

Review Test 1

Review Test 2

Review Test 3


64.5 dB

70 dB 

71 dB


67.2 dB

75 dB

74.6 dB


72.5 dB

78 dB

84.6 dB

As the results show, the Eco mode is not too noisy and you will be able to hear other people over the Outsize's powerful motor during normal vacuuming.

If you want to learn more about vacuum noise levels check out our article on the quietest vacuums.



The Dyson Outsize is a fantastic choice of cordless vacuum if you have a large area to clean. With the addition of the removable spare battery Dyson have finally responded to customers' feedback on its previous models. This addition really does make a difference in the cordless vacuum competing with full sized mains powered vacuums. Coupled with the larger dirt bin and cleaning head we think the Dyson Outsize can replace your corded vacuum.

Dyson V11 Outsize

is available at a discount price on Amazon:

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