How to Keep your House Clean in 13 easy steps

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A clean house is comfortable to live in, as well as healthy. It does not have things scattered and cluttered everywhere because it is organized. However, keeping the house clean can be an upheaval task, especially if you have children and pets. This does not mean it is not doable because with a bit of habit adjustment, you can have your house spotless at all times.

Some of the things you can do to keep your home clean include:

1. Putting clothes away

Instead of throwing clothes everywhere after you remove them, you can put them in a single place such as a basket or in the laundry. This way, you will not have a house full of scattered clothes on the floor and on chairs.

2. Make the bed


Making the bed everyday makes the house look clean and tidy. You can make the bed when you wake up and encourage other members of the family to do the same if you have a family.

Also, ensure that the bed does not have too many blankets and pillows that it is impossible to manage them. Having too many of them can make the task of making the bed seem tedious. Having less on the bed can help to increase the chance of you making the bed every morning instead of feeling it to be burdensome.

3. Clean the dishes after use

keeping your house clean

Unwashed dishes are some of the items that make a house look dirty. When more dishes pile, it may become difficult to wash them and may be left on kitchen sink for a long time, making the house seem dirty. Washing the dishes after every use ensures that the sink is clean and ready to be used. You can also put the dishes in the dishwasher instead of leaving them in the sink. Then when you are free or before you sleep, you can run the dishwasher. Utensils such as pans and pots should be cleaned immediately after use and put away.

4. Take the trash out 


Trash is unsightly and keeping it in the house makes the house dirty. Take out the trash daily. You can decide to take it in the morning by placing it near the door the night before or disposing it before you sleep.

5. Reduce your stuff

A lot of stuff in the house causes cluttering, which results in a house that looks untidy. Reducing items such as extras, clothes and shoes you do not need can help to reduce the clutter.

6. Organize papers


Bills, coupons and mail can make the house look untidy if they are not organized. To keep your house clean, do not allow the paper to remain in piles, but file them immediately you receive them. Furthermore, scanning and filing your papers electronically can reduce your need for filing storage and there's heaps of free smartphone apps that can help you with this. I personally couldn't be without iScanner that I use to scan and then send all of my papers to my Dropbox or Google Drive so I can then put them in the shredder.

7. Wipe surfaces after use

how to keep your house clean

Wiping a surface after use keeps the house clean instead of waiting and allowing dirt to build up. For instance, if you have used the sink when preparing food, wipe it clean after you are done. This will make it easier to use next time and it will keep the house clean. Wiping after every use is much easier than waiting for the dirt to build up and do a general cleaning because some dirt may have stuck to the surface, and make it impossible to restore it. Wipe surfaces such as sinks, counters and stovetops after each use. You can wipe kitchen counters after meals, organize bathroom counters everyday by arranging the toiletries properly.

8. Put the shoes away

Shoes everywhere in the house are unsightly and make the house look untidy. To know how to keep your house clean, take off the shoes at the door when you get home so that you do not spread germs and dirt into the house. Keep all the dirty shoes in one place if you are not washing at that time. When clean, you can put them in the closet or on a shoe rack.

9. Put things back in their rightful place

You can learn how to keep your house clean if after you use an item, you put it back in its place. This way, you will not have items scattered in the house all over. For this to work, you need to designate a place for each item. Other than making the house clean, it also makes it easier to find items, especially if there are many people living in the same household.

10. Vacuum the house regularly

how to keep your house clean

Regular vacuuming takes a couple of minutes and leaves the house clean, and that’s way better than waiting for long to do a major cleanup. It also keeps the house looking presentable, gets rid of dust, dirt and allergens for a healthy living environment. Just make sure you are using the best vacuum cleaner you can afford by doing your homework before buying - of course Home Vacuum Zone is here to help you on this!

11. Do something each day

Piling tasks so that you can do them all at once in a single day can make the chore of keeping the house clean seem tiring and chances are you may feel tired even before you start. The best thing is to set aside a task each day while also doing the basics to maintain the home clean.

12. Do laundry often

The sight of a large heap of clothes may be bogging down. To make things easier you can do laundry every day. This way, you will only have a few clothes to deal with. In case you don’t do laundry at home, sort the clothes before you take them for laundry and fold them when you are done such that you will only be required to store them when you get home.

13. Time yourself


Distractions are inevitable and they may affect your cleaning. To prevent this, you can set a timer such as after five minutes. The sound of the timer shows you that time is running. In case you have been distracted from the task, you can get back to it.

A clean home is any home owners dream. However, not everyone enjoys the task of cleaning it and keeping it sparkles. This is especially so if there are many people living in a house. Even if you live alone, you may find it overwhelming to accomplish some tasks. But there are habits you can acquire that can help to keep your house clean at all times without feeling the weight of doing the tasks.

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