Spring-Cleaning – 10 Tips To Improve Efficiency

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There is a hint of spring in the air! Spring is a time of renewal, and new energy. It is a time for detox and a time for clearing out the old and making room for the fresh vibrant rituals of spring. New starts and clean slates. Spring-cleaning for your mind, your body and your home!

Spring-cleaning! There is just something about opening up all the windows, turning on some vibrant music, getting the whole family involved and tackling all those neglected corners and surfaces. And then, after - sitting on the porch, a well deserved beverage in hand, surveying your accomplishment, with the faint smell of cleaning solvent still in the air, you smile. Nothing like it!

It all sounds quite romantic when you write it in words but the reality of spring-cleaning is that it is just a long day or even two days of hard work. With the whole family involved you can divvy up the list and make it happen fast. So let's look at 10 ways to make it easier and make the work you do more efficient and more effective.

1. Make Your Windows Sparkle

spring-cleaning windows

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For efficient window cleaning use a rubber ended squeegee available at most hardware stores. Use vinegar and water solution to prevent streaking. Do your window cleaning on a cloudy day so that the solution does not dry quickly and leave streaks on the windows.

2. No Fuss Cleaning Ceiling Fixtures And Blinds

window blinds

For spring-cleaning ceiling fans and blinds: using a long-handled Swiffer makes cleaning the fan arms a breeze. Run the same tool along the window ledges and tops of the windows, doors and baseboards to get the dust that has settled over the winter when air movement within the house was limited. 

Use it on the slats of the window blinds. You may wish to run a damp cloth over the window blinds as well if they are made of a hard plastic or wood.

For hanging lights use a damp soapy cloth to clean the top surface where cooking residue has accumulated. For closed fixtures, unscrew the shade and clean out all the dirt and bugs that have accumulated. Wash the shade with hot soapy water and dry it before returning it to its place.

3. Get Your Outdoor Space Ready For Those Warm Evenings

beautiful garden

In your outdoor space start by hooking up your hoses and power wash your deck to remove the dirt from the winter months.

Get out your patio furniture and wipe it down with soap and water, so you can enjoy your outdoor space as soon as there is a warm evening. And don't forget to remove the cover on your air conditioning unit. 

Get the BBQ ready for summer by turning it on low and coating the racks with cooking oil and letting it sit for 15 minutes. Then wipe it off with a disposable cloth. Use a wire brush on the areas that are stuck.

4. Make Your Drapes & Sheer Curtains Look Like New

woman spring cleaning sheer curtains

Vacuum your drapes to eliminate dust. For sheers take them down and toss them in the dryer with a tennis ball to remove dust and reduce static.

5. Get Your Refrigerator Gleaming and Organised

man reaching into the refrigerator

Spring is a great time to do a big clean on the refrigerator. Throw out bottles and sauces that have been hiding in the back of the refrigerator. Don’t let yourself wonder if you might use that bottle again. Toss it!

Empty the entire fridge before you start. Then grab a bucket full of hot soapy water with a little salt added, a plastic scrubby and a toothbrush for the aging spills in the tight crevices. When it is clean and dry you can replace the contents.

An empty fridge gives you the chance to organize it more efficiently than the haphazard way a fridge develops over time. A fresh start!

6. Clutter Free Closets and Drawers

neatly folded clothes on a drawer

To spring-clean closets and drawers start by labelling three large cardboard boxes. One for items to be recycled, one for items to be thrown out and one for items to go to a second-hand store.

Get everyone involved in cleaning their own space and sorting the things they don't need into the three boxes. Then seal them and get rid of them.

7. Get Set for Shiny Happy Showers

hand on a shower screen

Use a product called Rain-X (or similar) on your shower glass. It breaks down the accumulated scum and you only need to use it twice a year. Your showers will sparkle.

8. Fix Those Annoying Little Problems

Old house in need of repairs

Make a list of all the small repairs that need to be done in the house. Then hire a handy-person to come in and take care of all the items on the list. Getting them all done in a couple of hours is cost-effective way to manage all those small annoyances.

9. Refresh Your Floors and Rugs

steam cleaning carpet

Spring-cleaning Floors and Rugs: It is a good idea to leave this one until the end as while you work on your other chores you may dirty your floors again if you do them first.

For your carpets and rugs you need to decide whether to do them all or just work the high traffic areas. Using a carpet cleaner designed for this job will deliver the best results and leave your carpets and rugs far cleaner than what can be achieved with a vacuum cleaner.

Carpet cleaners can be hired but are also becoming more affordable to buy all the time, which could be a worthy investment if you have the storage space. Check out our article: 5 of the Best Carpet Cleaners Reviewed to find one that fits your budget.

When you have finished the areas of the rug that you wish to clean, open the windows to let the air blow through the house. It will cleanse the winter air from the house, dispense with the dust that is stirred up while cleaning and as a bonus it will quick dry the rug.

For hardwood and tile wipe the surface with a non-toxic cleaning fluid focusing on corners and spots that might have been neglected in the regular quick clean. Consider using a steam cleaner for hardwood floors if you have large areas to clean. Check out our guide to Home Steam Cleaners here.

10. Replenish Your Mattress and Bedding

clean bed and pillows

Flipping your mattresses once a year will extend the comfort and life of your mattress.

While you are doing that vacuum the surface of your mattress and put your pillows into a hot wash with vinegar.

Spring-Cleaning Complete! Time To Relax And Enjoy Your Home

When your basic spring cleaning is complete, you will have a sense of having accomplished a formidable task.

All that is left now, is the little stuff; the regular housekeeping chores that each family member does. And maybe add a vase full of fresh flowers on the table to remind you that spring has sprung.

May we also remind you to use this day to change the batteries on your smoke alarms.

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