Who Makes Maytag Vacuums? American Made Quality

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who makes Maytag Vacuums?

Many say that purchasing a household appliance these days is about luck, particularly about which ones are sturdy enough to stand the test of time. After all, longevity is an important factor and most people will favor brands that have a strong reputation for appliances that maintain a high level of performance for many years.

Maytag does just that, a US-made home and commercial appliance brand that is a mark of class, dependability and reliability.

A perfect proof?

Maytag has traversed more than a century of providing tough and hardworking household machines throughout generations and across the globe. Maytag embodies the hardworking spirit of the US in the manufacture of all their products, including their high performing vacuum cleaners.

Since the Maytag M1200 upright vacuum cleaner came out on top in our review of the best vacuums for carpet we’ve wanted to do some research to understand the company that makes Maytag Vacuums. We’re pleased to finally be able to tell you more about this vacuum brand.

Maytag History

From producing the first washing machines on its inception as Maytag Washing Machine Company in the late 19th century to marketing ranges and refrigerators in the 1940s under the Maytag name and to manufacturing washers and dryers in the 1950s; Maytag continued to expand their business to also excel on kitchen appliances with dishwashers and food-waste disposers.

Forward to the 21st century: Maytag has solidified its name as a well-known, trusted brand of laundry and kitchen appliance and cooking equipment.

In 2006, Whirlpool Corporation took over Maytag and from there, the Maytag brand has conquered the global market. So, although these days it is Whirlpool that makes Maytag vacuums, the popular Maytag brand has been retained.

Maytag Home Solutions

And when as if the tide has already turned for Maytag, then came up another wave of innovations in commercial and household appliances with their home solutions series of HVAC systems, irons, and vacuums under Maytag’s dedicated licensed partners.

In 2013, Whirlpool partnered with the leading US manufacturer of household and commercial vacuum cleaners, Tacony Corporation, to come up with a more upscale vacuum line under the Maytag brand. The Tacony Corporation is also the company behind Riccar and Simplicity vacuum cleaners.

With both Whirlpool and Tacony leading in appliance manufacturing and sales, Maytag Vacuums couldn’t fall short of expectations and as such has started to carve its name as a dependable brand in cleaning and floor care.

Maytag Vacuum Cleaners

To the present, Maytag continues to live up to its reputation by producing strong, reliable, and good-looking vacuum cleaners. Maytag’s powerful vacuums are apt to any cleaning tasks that would require power capacity, versatility, usability, functionality, and mobility. Maytag has these all covered.

Maytag’s current line of vacuum cleaners include the powerful M1200 (our favourite vacuum for carpet), floor-to-ceiling versatile M700, the lightweight M500, and the newest M600, the only cordless vacuum in the line.

Maytag vacuums are built to tackle your most difficult cleaning tasks — clearing away dirt, dusting, and even removing pet hair —across different floor surfaces, ceilings, and walls. The vacuums have excellent filtration systems that trap odors and seal away dirt and dust. With its Purr-fect cleaning system that tackles pet hair and danders, potential allergens are reduced while keeping floors and home furnishings ultra-clean and well-maintained.

Furthermore,Carpet and Rug Institute every Maytag vacuum is marked with the Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet & Rug Institute for soil removal, dust containment, and carpet fiber protection. With Maytag vacuums you are not only assured because of the brand name, but also with their actual cleaning performance, durability, and dependability that has been confirmed via independent tests.

Maytag Vacuum Highlights

Filtration System

Maytag vacuums utilize a HEPA filtration system to get rid of the smallest dirt, dust, pathogens and allergens up to 99.9% with the use of specialize fibers. Vacuums with this type of filtration are ideal for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.

Maytag vacuums also use multi-stage advance filtration for more effective cleaning. This means that the air passes through several stages of filtration, with increasing amounts of particles being captured at each stage. Maytag M1200 for instance has a 6-level advance filtration system that includes an odor absorbing charcoal filter.

vacuuming pet hair

Pet Hair Purr-fect

Vacuums Maytag produce excel in picking up pet hair and dander, which is a difficult job for most vacuums available in the market. With their Pet Hair Purr-fect, pet hair that can cause asthma or allergies are already a thing of the past.

MO2OR Dual Intake System

This feature is especially highlighted in the Maytag M1200 vacuum that provides two motors working together for more powerful cleaning of both carpet and bare floor. The MO2OR patented technology cause two intense actions, suctions and vibrations, both important to fully clean deep-seated dirt on thick carpets and rugs.

Self-sealing HEPA bag and Poof-proof bag

Be assured that no dirt and dust come out during cleaning with the self-sealing HEPA bag and poof-proof bag of Maytag vacuums. We are big fans of bagged vacuums here at Home Vacuum Zone, particularly if you are an asthma or allergy sufferer as we think they are more hygenic.

However they also bring other benefits such as generally being quieter and with greater dirt capacities than bagless models.

Maytag vacuums lock in microscopic dirt and dust particles into their self-sealing bag system. These bags can contain a large amount of dirt compared to other upright vacuums (particularly bagless vacs) and ensure easy disposal. Plus, with a light indicator for full bag, your cleaning process will be further aided.

Quick Overview of Maytag Vacuum Cleaners

Maytag M1200

Maytag M1200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is Maytag’s most powerful vacuum cleaner that feature the patented MO2OR Dual Intake System.

The name sake of the patent provides two individual motors – a clean air motor and a direct air motor – that work together for superior suction and cleaning. It has a charcoal odor filtration, along with five other advance filtration stages that lock in dirt and dust particles into a self-sealing bag system and poof-proof bag disposal.

Pet hair and dander are easy tasks for M1200 with its Purr-fect technology. Despite its power, M1200 only weighs 22 pounds, so you can easily maneuver the vacuum when cleaning.

Other highlights of the M1200 are:

  • the big container capacity to hold dust and dirt, which can be as much as 20 times more than the competition;
  • a brush on/off switch to swiftly navigate different surfaces;
  • manual carpet pile-height adjustment, which is better than automatic systems;
  • suction control;
  • 17-foot cleaning radius with onboard tools and telescoping wand; and
  • a 35-foot cord that practically helps you clean larger spaces without changing power connection.
  • Plus, you get an upholstery tool, crevice tool, and dusting brush on purchase.

Consumer tests all agree that Maytag M1200 has excellently passed carpet, bare floor, and pet hair cleaning. For a full review of the Maytag M1200 check out this article.

Maytag M700

Maytag M700 Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Bagged - Telescopic Wand, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Brush, Crevice Tool, Hose, Brushroll, Filter - Carpet, Bare Floor - 35 ft Cable Length - HEPA - 12 A - Cloud Wh

This most versatile upright vacuum cleaner of Maytag was literally designed to clean it all. Floors, walls, ceilings, name it, M700 cleans it, especially with its multiple onboard attachments to clean hard to reach areas. At only 22 pounds, moving and carrying the vacuum along various surfaces is no problem.

Main features include:

  • the on/off switch that easily handle carpets and bare floors;
  • Pet Hair Purr-fect technology;
  • Advanced HEPA filtration system and self-sealing capability for maximum cleaning performance and easy disposal; and
  • a light indicator for full bag to ensure cleaning won’t be disrupted.
  • It has an 11-foot cleaning radius with on-board tools, stretch hose, and telescopic wand.
  • Its 34-foot manual-wind cord can help you cover large areas without the hassle of removing from the power supply.

Consumer tests rated Maytag M700 only average in terms of cleaning carpets and bare floors, but exceptional in removing pet hair and dander.

Maytag M500

The lightest among Maytag vacuums, M500 only weighs 9 pounds that is very convenient to move from room to room, even on multi-level houses and buildings. Despite the weight, M500 still packs the ever-dependable Maytag power cleaning.

Maytag M500 has a two-speed control to handle various carpet and floor concerns, although lacks the on/off button that its other models have. Even though it doesn’t have the on/off button, Maytag still ensured that it won’t hurt and scratch bare floors with the M500 protective rubber wheels.

This upright vacuum has a concentrated suction power that leaves carpet finely cleaned. The Purr-fect innovation that handles pet hair and dander and the self-sealing, poof proof bag disposal are also present in M500. The 30-foot manual-wind cord can cover medium spaces.

Consumer tests scored Maytag M500 above average in cleaning carpets and pet hairs, while mediocre in handling bare floors.

Maytag M600

The latest addition to the Maytag vacuum family is the ultra-lightweight cordless M600. At only 10 pounds, M600 has an outstanding cleaning power of covering an entire house, may it be above, under or corner and edges.

Power supply is a no-worry with its 44 volt-lithium ion battery and a 312-watt motor that provide a good one hour of continuous cleaning. It has a self-sealing HEPA filtration system and bag that locks in dirt and dust, even during disposal.

At its base are soft rubber wheels to protect bare floors and a squeegee that prevents dirt from scattering. Brush on/off switch is available on the M600 to navigate different surfaces. It has a wooden brushroll that makes its operation quieter.

Availability of Maytag Vacuums

Maytag vacuums are proudly American-built by the company that is highly trusted for manufacturing home cleaning machines: Whirlpool Corporation and Tacony Corporation. And as enduring as the Maytag brand itself is, their vacuum line can withstand the test of time due to the use of hard wearing, high-quality materials. The vacuums are being manufactured and assembled at Tacony Manufacturing in St. James, Missouri. And since Maytag has been under the Whirlpool Corporation, availability of the vacuums is now global, under the Whirlpool and Tacony brands. It can also be sourced online through Maytag vacuums website or on Amazon.


Maytag vacuums continue the legacy of the Maytag appliance line of dependability and reliability. We expect that the Maytag vacuums that Whirlpool and Tacony produce will conquer another century as they continue to innovate. Maytag vacuums are top of the line, built with class, toughness, and durability, and are truly functional in every sense of a cleaning machine. However, this comes with a price and they are relatively at the top end of the spectrum in terms of cost.

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