Vacuum cleaners are essential in general home cleaning. They make the task easier and with great results. However, the cleaners are not the same. On the contrary, they have different features. One of the elements, which characterize vacuum cleaners is a beater bar. Some cleaners feature the rotating brush whereas others do not. This brings us to the question do the vacuum without a beater bar better than the one with the brush. What are the differences? Does either of them perform better? Let’s find out together.

Before we compare the beater bar and no beater bar vacuum cleaners, we need to learn what a beater bar is and its functions. The beater bar also referred to as the bristle bar is a rotating brush fixed at the bottom of the cleaner. It helps you to reach to the tilt of the carpet, while ensuring the vacuum cleaner is able to suck up all the debris down there. Actually, it is the tool, which gives your carpet that sheen look immediately after you have vacuumed. The beater bar works amazingly. It spins about 1000 times per hour.

How does a beater bar work?

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Most vacuum cleaners made for carpet flooring often feature brush roll or what is commonly referred to as the beater bar. The rotating brush is energized by either air or electric power. The brush is capable of making 6500 revolutions per minute. It is run by a belt fixed on the suction motor in most upright vacuum cleaners or on dedicated motor present in various canisters. The main purpose of the beater bar is to scrub off dirt and debris from the carpet and bring it up, so that the vacuum cleaner can suck it.

How does beater bar compare with no beater bar vacuum cleaners?

Beater bar works only on fluffy carpets

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The beater bar works on fluffy carpeted floors. The rotating brush helps you to reach out to the depth of the carpet, dislodging any dirt and debris. It performs best on fiber carpets, but the beater bar function may be damaging in other types of carpets. For example, if you have hardwood flooring, laminated floor, tiled or vinyl flooring, be sure to vacuum without a beater bar. This is because the brush can destroy the finish on your flooring over time.


In some carpets they are damaging

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Depending on the type of your carpets be it Persian or any other type of the carpet, using a bristle bar frequently, may be damaging. Some carpets have soft fibers, which can come off, as the brush runs along the carpet. They include some Orientals and Berber. Hence, if you really want to maintain the brand new look of your carpet, ensure to vacuum without beater bar.  There are other varieties in the market, which do not have a beater bar or those, which allows you to put it off, when you do not need it.

Beater bar needs to be replaced often

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With the brush roll rotating about 6500 rpm, it is bound to wear out over time. When the bristles on the brush are worn out, their effectiveness will go down. That is why you need to check it regularly to ensure, the brush is in good condition. Another way, to know that your beater bar needs a replacement, is by checking whether it has worn out the belt as well. Is it noisy when in operation? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Vacuum Repair for further information and tips!

Depending on the frequency you use your vacuum, you may need to replace the beater bar more. This adds to the overall maintenance cost of the beater bar vacuum cleaner. But, with the no beater bar vacuum cleaner, you can avoid this cost.

No-beater bar vacuum cleaners are a specialty for hard floors, shag carpets and other soft rugs

If you want to maintain the appearance of your elegant hardwood floors or laminated flooring, it is best to vacuum without a beater bar. Your Berber carpets or laminated flooring needs a suction-type vacuum cleaner. This will leave the floor clean while maintaining its original finish. A lot of money goes into installing a home with a wooden floor, especially if you are dealing with a hardwood. This is enough reason to protect your flooring by using the right vacuum cleaner for your type of carpet.

Beater bar vacuum cleaners are essential in homes with pets

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The beater bar is known to have great capabilities of removing all kinds of debris from carpeted floors. Where you have pets, chances are that they shed hair, dander and other wastes on your floors. In this case, you cannot just vacuum without beater bar. This is because most suction type vacuum cleaners are not able to remove large particles of dirt. The best vacuum cleaner in this situation should have a beater bar function and it should be a bag for the waste. This will ensure that you have a home void of allergens.

Do you buy beater bar or no beater bar vacuum cleaners?

Both beater bar and no beater bar vacuum cleaners do not bear many differences in performance. However, the beater bar can leave scratches on certain floors. For instance, you should not use this type of vacuum cleaners on your hardwood or laminated flooring. Furthermore, they are not also very gentle to some carpets. On the other hand, no-beater bar vacuum cleaners rely entirely on a suction mechanism, which cleans while taking optimal care of the flooring. Hence, which one do you buy? From professionals in carpet cleaning, get a vacuum cleaner, which allows you to use the beater bar when you need it and switch it off, when you do not. This is an important feature to look for in any vacuum you purchase. That way, you can vacuum without the beater bar to protect your floors when required.

To sum up, beater bar and no beater bar vacuum cleaners are important in homes. However, if you want to maintain your flooring in good condition, you may have to vacuum without the beater bar.  But, in some cases, for example, if you own pets you will need the beater bar vacuum cleaner. That is why, it is recommendable to have a cleaner, which enables you to use the two functions.