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How to Kill Mold in Carpet

Do you have mold on your carpets? If you do, it can be bad news for the health of every family member. For those who do not know, mold grows on surfaces with high humidity. It can affect your carpeted floors, house rugs and any other small carpets you may have in your home. But, the main question is how to kill mold in carpet. There are several DIY ways, but if the situation is worse, then you can seek the assistance of a professional. Just before we delve on how to kill mold on carpet, let’s understand what mold is.

Defining mold

how to kill mold in carpet

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You cannot destroy something you know little or nothing about. In a nutshell, mold is a notorious fungus, which eats into surfaces. But, not just any surface – only those which are wet. It produces a nasty smell and if it is inhaled, it can harm one’s health. That is why, if you or a family member suffers from asthma, allergies or they have a poor immune system, they may get affected. With that, you now understand why it is so important you deal, with the mold on your carpet.

How to kill mold in carpet effectively

If you have to remove mold from your carpet completely, you need to employ a number of strategies. In as much as you need to remove mold from the carpet, you also have to prevent it from building up again. Hence, you must implement mold prevention strategies. But, while at it, just make sure you are using the right products.

Step-to-step guide for removing mold in carpets

Mold can be damaging to carpets. It damages the fibers and sometimes, it is difficult to remove. Therefore, if your wall-to-wall carpeting has been wet for a number of days and if the damaged area is more than two square meters, it is best to engage a carpet cleaner. It is also important to handle first the cause of the mold, before dealing with the stain. This way you can be assured of results. Here is how to kill mold in carpet:

  1. Wear protective gear

Before you venture into mold removal, put on protective gear. This should include clothing, face mask and a pair of goggles. This is because as you touch the mold, it releases spores in the form of dust, which can affect your health negatively.

  1. Ensure that the room is well ventilated

It is important that you kill the mold on your carpet, and not allow it to harm your health. Make sure that the doors in the rooms you are working in are closed. This way, the spores will not get to other rooms in the house. But, open all the windows, to let in enough fresh air.

  1. For rugs and removable carpets, move them out

Mold grows on wet surfaces. Hence, if the carpets are removable, getting them outside, can give them a new lease of life. But, how long should you place the carpets out? Carpet cleaning professionals recommend about 48 hours of continuous sunlight.

  1. For wall-to-wall carpeting turn on some overhead lights

Unlike rugs and other removable carpets, it is hard to remove mold on fitted floor carpets. Since, you cannot get it out; you will have to switch on the overhead lights. You will need to adjust the lights to about 50cm above the area with the mold. Use a humidifier to dry up the carpet or the blow function, which is present in vacuum cleaners.

  1. Using a brush sweep the mold traces from the back and front of the carpet

Use a stiff brush to dislodge the mold from the carpet. You should do the same in the area, where the carpet was fitted. Now using a vacuum cleaner, clean all the affected areas. You can also use a steam cleaner.

  1. Use anti-mold spray on the carpet

You have cleaned your carpet already. To ensure that mold will not grow on the carpet again, use anti-mold spray. These sprays are available on the market. Get one and apply. However, ensure that you read the instructions on the label. Make sure also that the spray gets to the bottom of the carpet. It is the only way, you can be assured that mold, will not be infesting your home again.

  1. Using a brush scrub the spray off the carpet

If you did not know, the anti-mold spray is not rinsed. You will have to use a stiff brush, to remove the traces of the spray.

  1. Use anti-fungal solution for the floor

Actually, one of the reasons why carpets get mold, is because of floors with high humidity. Hence, if you have to cure the entire mold problem, you will need to take care of the floor as well. Apply an anti-fungal product on the floor and leave it to settle.

  1. Re-use the anti-mold spray on the surfaces

Apply the antimold spray on all the surfaces all over again. Allow it a few minutes to dry out. At the same time, get yourself a good dehumidifier to use in the room frequently. This will help to remove any traces of mold, which can be lingering on the surfaces. Using a dehumidifier will also help prevent mold from coming back.

  1. Clean all the equipment used in the mold removal

Now that your carpets do not have mold any more, you must clean the equipments you used. This way, you will prevent the residual spores, which may be attached to the equipments, from spreading to other areas of your house.

Killing mold on carpet should not be a bother anymore. At least, you know the steps to take to get rid of mold from carpets. You can do these things without the help of a professional. Be sure, to follow every step and there will be no more mold growth in your home. Protect your family’s health with the above steps. But, most importantly, after the mold removal, keep the house dry.