Water Filter Vacuum Cleaners

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Water filter vacuum cleaners, otherwise known as water filtration vacuum cleaners or just water vacuums, are becoming quite popular. You may have never heard of a water vacuum before, and you may not know why it makes for a pretty good investment. Well, we are here today to change that. Water vacuums are pretty neat no doubt, and they do an excellent job at cleaning floors. So, let’s get to it and talk about everything there is to know about these awesome little gadgets.

What are water filter vacuums: How do they differ from normal vacuums?

To be fair, while there are certain differences between conventional vacuums and water filter vacuum cleaners, both end up doing roughly the same job. In essence, both of these items use air suction to suck up dirt from your floor. The main difference is in the filtration system. A normal vacuum simply sucks up dirt and uses a filter(s) to take particles out of the air. Normal vacuums can also use dirt bags or a dirt bin to house the debris until you are ready to empty it (or throw it away in the case of disposable bags). The clean air, once filtered, is then propelled out of the back of the vacuum. This is all quite simple, no doubt.

On the other hand, water filtration vacuum cleaners use water, as opposed to a manmade filter, to filter out dirt and debris. Simply put, the dirt and dust is sucked up with conventional air suction, but instead of a physical filter or bag, everything is filtered using water. These vacuums have special water compartments which absorb the dirt being sucked up. As more dirt gets sucked up the water will get quite dirty, which is a sign that it is working. Many people love water filtration vacuums because they tend to better filter out debris. The air that comes out of the back of a water filter vacuum is generally very clean, free of debris, and even free of pathogens too.

Moreover, normal vacuums, generally speaking, are strictly used for dry applications such as simple dirt and dust cleanup. This is good, but not as good as with a water vacuum. Water will break a normal vacuum, but because water filtration vacuums use water as a filter, they have no problem cleaning up wet messes. Also, they work on virtually any kind of floor surface that you may have in your home. So, in essence, the difference is all in the way that the dirt and air gets filtered, which in all reality works much better with water than with a general bag or filter.

Are water vacuums better?

Water vacuums do offer some specfic advantages compared to conventional models. Simply put, water vacuums can handle wet messes, they remove lots of bacteria and airborne pathogens, and they pump out extra clean air. Water does an excellent job at filtering out virtually anything out of the air, leading to greatly increased air quality when compared to a regular vacuum. However, that is not to say that regular vacuums cannot do an equally good job, as there are good quality traditional models with HEPA filtration that are effective at removing allergens. Although an advantage that a water filtration vacuum has over a traditional vacuum is that there are no bags or filters to replace, you just empty the water.

There are a couple of drawbacks to water filtration vacuum cleaners, all of which we will soon talk about.

Yes, these devices are indeed very useful and efficient, but that is not to say that they don’t have certain drawbacks. Let’s talk about the good and the bad aspects of water vacuums.


Unlike normal vacuums, water filtration vacuums can easily handle wet messes, making them very versatile and convenient for a variety of applications.

Water vacuums do an awesome job at filtering the air, much better than many conventional vacuums. However, there are certain premium traditional vacuums that have both HEPA filtration as well as a completely sealed system that also do an excellent job such as Dyson or Shark, or Sebo and Miele vacuums. These vacuums also don’t have the drawbacks that water filtration vacuums have.

In a water filter vacuum, pretty much everything will get trapped in the water compartment which is acting like a filter. This is different from some normal vacuums that often let out very small particles in the air exhaust. Water vacuums remove almost 100% of all debris, dirt, dust, bacteria, and other pathogens from the air. They do an absolutely fantastic job in terms of air filtration, especially when it comes to using water pressure to eliminate viruses, allergens, and bacteria.

Water vacuum cleaners tend to be fairly energy efficient, more so than conventional vacuums. This means that you will have a lower power bill, something everybody can appreciate.

People love water vacuums because their awesome filtration abilities make them ideal for people with allergies. Conventional vacuums will send may allergens right back into the air, but not when it comes to a water filtration system.


There is no secret that water is heavy. Water filtration vacuums are usually very big and heavy. They need a large compartment for the water, which automatically means that they are bigger and heavier than conventional vacuums. While water does do a great job in terms of filtration, the weight and size differences are quite substantial. It makes water vacuums fairly tiring to use and hard to maneuver. You definitely will not be carrying one of these things up and stairs to water vacuum every single step on the way.

The water in these things gets dirty pretty quick, and you must continually replace the water when it gets dirty. This is unlike a conventional filter vacuum where the filter only needs to be cleaned every so often, or a bag vacuum where you simply put on a new bag once the old one is full.

While water vacuums are very effective at their job, you also need to realize that they are more expensive than regular vacuums because of that.

The best water filtration vacuum brand names

Before you go out and purchase a water vacuum, you need to take the brand name into consideration. Choosing a good brand name can make quite the difference in quality, so here are some brand suggestions to go with.


There is no question about the fact that water filtration vacuum cleaners do a better job at cleaning your floors than regular vacuums. Plus, they do a much better job at filtering out the air which they process as well. That being said, just keep in mind that they aren’t all that maneuverable, and they cost a lot more than regular vacuums too. However, if you have a little extra money to invest, we would definitely recommend going for a water filter vacuum.

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