LG CordZero Handstick Vacuums – Better than a Dyson?

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LG is a renowned brand in the manufacturing of a variety of top quality household appliances; however, it is not a dominant name when it comes to vacuum cleaners. This might be because the company only produces a few types of vacuum cleaners - Cordless Handstick vacuums and Robot vacuum cleaners.

While you may not find LG on the lists of best vacuum brands, LG’s CordZero Handstick vacuums cleaners, however, keep getting the nods for their rechargeable, removable and replaceable batteries, and stand-alone charging dock. We've also heard rumours that LG’s CordZero Handstick vacuums are way ahead of Dyson’s cordless vacuums. So it was high time for Home Vacuum Zone to investigate.

LG has three models of Cordless Handstick vacuums;

  • LG CordZero™ A9 Ultimate Cordless Stick Vacuum (A907GMS),
  • LG CordZero™ A9 Charge Plus Stick Vacuum (A906SM), and
  • LG CordZero™ A9 Charge Cordless (A905RM).

Similarities Between LG CordZero® Handstick Vacuums

LG CordZero™ A907GMS

LG CordZero™ A905RM

LG CordZero™ A906SM

Cordless Convenience

Starting with the obvious, the main similarity between all LG CordZero® Handstick Vacuums is that they are all cordless. Cordless stick vacuums have exploded in popularity due to their versatility and convenience. Their popularity has gained further traction due to battery runtimes and suction on cordless models drastically improving in the last few years.

Strong Suction Power

In addition they all have a dustbin capacity of 13.5 oz and weigh 5.63 lbs. They have very strong suction of 140 Air Watts. For comparison, Dyson's latest V-Series Cordless Sticks range between 115 and 185 Air Watts.

Long Battery Runtime

LG's CordZero Handsticks also come with a dual power pack with an average battery run time of 40 min (80 mins total). Their batteries can be charged on a charging dock that can stand alone, wall-mounted, or stored in compact-mode.

5 Step Filtration

Though the LG CordZero vacuums do not have HEPA filters, they have removable and washable filters which have 5 step filtration system that can remove the majority of dust particles from a variety of household surfaces down to 2.5 microns in size. As a result LG vacuums are Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly®.

Multi-Surface Tools

All models have the multi-surface Power Drive Nozzle™ as well as Combination tools and Crevice tools for effective cleaning and pick-up of particles and dirt. In addition, they all come with different head attachments to make them suitable for use on both carpets and hardwood floors. 

Warranty on all models is 1 year for parts and labor and 10 years on the Smart Inverter Motor.

Differences between LG CordZero® Handstick Vacuum Cleaners

The main difference in LG CordZero® Handstick Vacuums is their price.

The lowest in price is LG CordZero Charge Cordless and LG CordZero A9 Ultimate is the most expensive. All prices range from $599 - $699.

Another thing that differentiates them is the accessories that come with them. For example, the only difference between the LG CordZero® A9 Ultimate and LG CordZero® A9 Charge Cordless (A905RM) is the addition of Power Floor Nozzle and Power Punch Nozzle to the LG CordZero® A9 Ultimate kits. The LG CordZero® A9 Charge Plus (A906RM) also has the Power Floor Nozzle & Power Carpet Nozzle come with it.

LG CordZero Batteries

LG CordZero batteries are rechargeable, removable and replaceable. Each of the dual power packs that come with them is a 25.5volts lithium-ion battery. Their charging time is 3.5 hrs and the maximum run time is 80 minutes for both batteries. However, the likelihood that you will ever get 80 minutes run-time on both batteries is slim. If running on Normal mode (low mode), you can expect to have a battery runtime of 80min. However, if operating on Power mode or Turbo Mode, you can only expect about 18 min or 12 mins run times respectively.

Choosing between LG CordZeros

When making choices, you will likely be faced with choosing between the LG CordZero A9 Ultimate (A907GMS) or LG CordZero Charge Plus (A906SM). The LG CordZero Charge Cordless (A905SM) is rarely available. Therefore, to know which one to choose, the features of the two, as well as their pros and cons, are examined below.

The LG CordZero® A9 Ultimate is a high-end vacuum that has a no-drill charging dock. It has excellent dirt pickup mechanism and easily replaceable batteries. This vacuum is a close competitor to Dyson's V10 or V11.

It comes with 2 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with an average runtime of 16 - 80 minutes at 8 minutes per battery when the suction power is on the highest setting.

Its attachments include:

  • Crevice Tool;
  • Combination Tool;
  • Telescopic Wand;
  • Power Carpet Nozzle (main nozzle);
  • Power Floor Nozzle; and
  • Power Punch Nozzle.

In terms of filtration, the unit has three washable filters to ensure effective cleaning.


  • It has multiple storage and charge options.It comes with a variety of tools for effective cleaning of different surfaces. Hardwood floor cleaner, upholstery/mattress cleaner, telescopic wand, carpet cleaner, crevice tool, and dusting tool.
  • Rechargeable and easily removable lithium-ion batteries. Remove and replace batteries at the press of buttons.
  • Cleans under furniture and other hard to reach spots. The LG Cord Zero telescopic wand, low nozzle as well as the crevice and brush attachments make it fit into every nooks and cranny without having to bend or rearrange your home furniture.
  • According to tests run at Reviewed Lab, the LG CordZero® A9 Ultimate can pick up to 72.5% of all dirt per run. Although it trails the Dyson V11 in suction performance, it beats the Shark SV1106 hands down. It will remove pet hair from carpet and all sorts of debris from sand, oatmeal, baking soda etc off bare floors.
  • Good performance on both hardwood floors and carpet. It comes with two devices to ensure optimum cleaning of carpets and hardwood floors. These include the Power Carpet Nozzle, a device with wide bristles that doesn't get clogged, ensuring optimum carpet cleaning, and the Power Floor Nozzle, a super-soft brush roller that will suction dust from surfaces without scratching your floors.
  • Suitable for homes with multiple floors. By simply removing the wand, you can turn the LG Cord Zero to a handheld, making it convenient to move or store anywhere.
  • With the telescopic wand and the crevice tool, you can adjust the length up to 45-inch from handle to tip, giving it a long reach.


It is expensive for its performance. The LG Cord Zero ranks with the high-end vacuums in terms of cost. Although this is made good with its dual batteries, variety of attachment and compactness. However, tests at Reviewed Lab show that in terms of dirt pick-up, a cheaper model like the Dyson V6 outperforms it (in terms of suction power but not battery performance).

Changing attachments can be cumbersome.

The LGCordZero A9 Charge Plus is another great product in the LG cordless stick vacuum product line. It comes with two floor nozzles Power Floor & Power Carpet, which makes it easy to switch from hard floors to carpet.

In addition it has adjustable suction with push buttons for speed selection. No trigger to hold (unlike Dyson's cordless sticks), giving you a comfortable grip.  It also has washable cyclones and filters and comes with an extra filter. The vacuum is good at picking up dirt and the canister has a central cone that can be simply removed with a slight twist by hand.


  • Cleans carpets and hard floors. Easy to change from hard floor brush roll to carpet.
  • The telescopic wand can be adjusted for convenient use and more flexibility and use in homes with stairs.It can be converted to a handheld and carried around. Best for small and light-duty people.It has various attachments for carpets and hard floors.
  • There are three charging and storage options available to store your handstick vacuum however you please.
  • The batteries can be easily removed at the press of buttons


  • After a long time of cleaning carpet, dog's long fur might get stuck in the canister.
  • Doesn't include the power pet brush tool or the bedding power punch tool.
  • Some users have had a poor experience with LG customer service.

Which one should you choose?

Basically, your choice of LG CordZero® Handstick Vacuums lies between your pocket. You will spend about $50 extra to purchase the LG CordZero® A9 Ultimate compared to what you will spend on LG CordZero® A9 Charge Plus.

Relatively, both machines would perform the same functions and exhibit similar traits. However, if cleaning upholstery and mattress is important to you, go for the Ultimate!

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