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Electric vacuums have been around for decades. Before cordless vacuums, owners had to keep an eye on their corded counterparts to ensure they were not causing any damage or malfunction. 

Due to their lower power output, earlier cordless vacuums were primarily used for dusting and polishing wood floors and were not energy efficient. They used a lot of power and had a much smaller return on investment than their corded counterparts. 

In addition, the batteries in earlier cordless vacuums did not last very long and needed to be constantly recharged and then replaced after a year or so of usage. However, with the integrated battery charger, it is now possible to charge the vacuums via AC power (which is approximately 5 times faster than using a battery). 

Cordless vacuums have gotten much better over time and often feature more advanced features than their predecessors. The cordless vacuum has become so popular that brands have expanded this segment tremendously in the last few years. Today, the best cordless vacuums have similar capability as their corded counterparts, although they tend to cost more.

Thus, it is now worth reconsidering: Cordless or Corded Vacuum? If you are in the market for a new vacuum and are not sure which form of vacuum to go for, read on for our full discussion on this comparison.

Cordless vs Corded Vacuum Cleaner

A summary table comparing Cordless vs. Corded Vacuum Cleaners:

FeaturesCordless Corded
Lighter in Weight Yes
Smaller in SizeYes
More Dust CapacityYes

Understanding the differences between cordless vs. corded vacuum cleaners will help you determine which option is right for you.

The cordless vacuum revolutionized home cleaning in 1969, revolutionizing the home consumer experience by making vacuuming a much simpler job. But while cordless vacuums have made vast improvements in the way we clean, they have not yet overstepped corded vacuums in every aspect, as we will look at below.

Let us learn more about corded and cordless vacuums.

Corded Vacuum

There are several good reasons to go with a corded vacuum. These vacuum cleaners are not just more efficient at removing dust from hard-to-reach places; they are also more affordable. A simple one-time cost of cleaning up a tiny mess in your bathroom could easily outweigh the extra time it takes to clean up a bigger mess on your bus or while traveling.

woman happily cleaning using corded vacuum

Corded vacuums are vacuum-powered, and they are a great choice for you if you have a hard time carrying around a regular vacuum. If you have kids, pets, or just like organizing your surroundings, a corded vacuum is perfect for you. Simply put, vacuum cleaners are a whole lot easier to use than their stand-alone counterparts and can do most things more efficiently. 

Corded vacuums are more popular with homeowners and businesses because they are powerful and reliable. They also don’t run out of power since they’re connected to your mains!


  • Less dust contact. Most corded vacuum cleaners are provided with a bag or bin with hygenic emptying of the collected dirt and dust.
  • Lesser impact on the environment. Using a corded vacuum cleaner, you are not contributing to the production of hazardous organic compounds (HACs) released into the environment when cleaning household waste material such as food and paper products.
  • High powered cleaning
  • Best quality filtration options available on premium models
  • Choose from various styles including canister, upright and corded stick.


  • The cord needs to be connected to a power source intended to fully power the dust bin. 
  • It isn’t easy to move the cord around the house as you clean.
  • It is difficult to check the cord on a regular basis to make sure it is not damaged or frayed since it tends to get shorter over time.
  • Usually, priced higher than other models.
  • Lack of cord auto rewind feature on some models limit its versatility. 
  • Can be noisy when working.

Cordless Vacuum

Cordless vacuum cleaners have been around for decades. A cordless vacuum cleaner will work for most homeowners just fine. 

young woman cleaning using cordless vacuum

The cordless vacuum is considered among the all-time best tools for vacuuming. It is also one of the most versatile tools available. With its cleaning power, you can clean almost any surface in your home or office without having to spend time searching for supplies. No cord means you can move the vacuum from room to room easily – if you have offices or small rooms, this can make vacuuming a breeze.

The cordless vacuum offers more convenience than the corded vacuum we discussed above and is efficient in cleaning. If you need a vacuum to clean your floor, choose the cordless vacuum. If you prefer the ability to schedule vacuuming work after you get home from work, then the cordless vacuum stands a better chance of being able to meet your needs.

With a cordless vacuum, you can move it from one location to another without having to worry about it pulling on wires. The cordless vacuum is also lightweight and easy to store in a suitcase or backpack if you do not need it right away.


The top features of a cordless vacuum include:

  • Battery life
  • Noise reduction. They are typically less noisy than their corded counterparts. Indeed, one of the quietest vacuum cleaners we have reviewed is a cordless.
  • Processing power.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Extremely effective.
  • Affordable and Versatile.

While these features are important, you should also consider how much space you have to place the machine in and how often you plan to use it.

They are designed to vacuum up hard-to-reach places such as dirt and debris while saving you the hassle of moving dirt and debris around. You can vacuum up your yard without much risk to your home or belongings since most of them have a protective bag that holds all the parts inside than regular vacuum cleaners.

They are better for hard-to-reach places such as floors, walls, and ceilings. You can use a cordless vacuum to remove spills from basements outdoors or inside wood cabinets. Use it to vacuum up pet hair from carpets and upholstery. Do not forget that you can use a cordless vacuum to provide fresh air in rooms with drafts or through windows that are partially closed.


  • Expensive to repair and replace if damaged. 
  • Requires frequent recharging of battery. Many cordless vacuums last no longer than 40 minutes on the lowest power setting.
  • Cheaper models have weaker cleaning power. However premium models such as the Dyson V15 or Miele Triflex HX1 are closing the power gap versus their corded counterparts.
  • Smaller dust bins on cordless models require more frequent emptying.
  • Filtration on cheaper cordless vacuums is generally not as good as filtration on similarly priced corded vacuums.

Comparison: Cordless vs. Corded Vacuum Cleaners

Check out this comparison to see which form of vacuum cleaner is right for you! While there are many factors to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner, this comparison gives you a general idea of what each type of vacuum can provide you.

woman fixing vacuum


Cordless vacuums are a newer and constantly expanding market, with new innovations being developed and released year by year. With flagship companies spending resources on research and development and an increasing demand for cordless vacuums, they are more expensive than the older corded form factor.

Winner: Corded Vacuum


Choosing the right vacuum based on weight is important. If you are replacing a bin with a more permanent structure, the cordless vacuum will be the better value. However, if you are moving around a lot and doing light cleaning of the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets, a corded vacuum may be just what you need.

Winner: Both


A corded vacuum cleaner may be able to vacuum up your yard in less than half the time it would take a corded one to complete the task. But this advantage will not hold true if you have pets or small children who require constant attention, which could mean that a cordless vacuum cleaner could potentially save you more than a corded one when it comes to saving time. 

Winner: Both

Level Of Noise

Sound is a big factor in buying a vacuum. Both cordless and corded vacuums are available in different models with various features designed to make them more sound-proof and comfortable for use in environments that make noise. Most vacuum cleaners sold today have a speed setting that allows users to turn on the suction cups with relative ease, but they also have noise-canceling features that can reduce the high-frequency noise.

Winner: Both

Suction Power

When you’re searching for the best vacuum, you will want to consider both how much power it has and the materials it is made from. A cordless vacuum is usually made from aluminum or fiberglass, which is easy to power but does not use energy efficiently as a more expensive unit might [corded vacuum]. Sometimes the cordless vacuum does not have enough suction power to clean even hard-to-reach places.

A comparison of cordless and corded vacuums based on suction power reveals that the corded models have approximately 2 times the suction power. 

However, cordless vacuums are fast catching up, as flagship companies pour all of their resources into making comparably powerful cordless vacuums. 

Winner: Corded Vacuum

Parting Words

Both corded and cordless vacuums have their own pros and cons. Which one is right for you depends on what you need to use your vacuum cleaner for, how big your space is, and what kind of firepower you need (which may depend on how many people live in your house, whether you have pets and the type of flooring that you have).

Cordless vacuums may be more convenient considering you’ll be freeing yourself from wires and will have a lighter cleaning device to operate. However, traditionally they will come with less suction power and higher price tag. It will be interesting how the cordless vacuum landscape looks in the coming years, as major vacuum brands focus their attention on this form factor and compete for improvements.