Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Tile Floors

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Cleaning the home and surroundings is one of the essential parts of maintaining the hygiene of your property. Homes that have hard tile flooring can get dusty and stained over time. Sticky stains can be adamant and irritating to remove if they are left as is. For this job you need the best steam vacuum cleaner for tile floors.

In my experience, a steam vacuum cleaner is ideal for cleaning tile floors as many people can walk over tile floors in a day. Due to this, they can accumulate dirt and bacteria in significant amounts. The hot and pressurized steam from a vacuum cleaner removes this dirt and disinfects too.

Top 3 Steam Vacuum Cleaners for Tile Floors

#1 – Bissell Symphony Steam Vacuum Cleaner

The Bissell Symphony Steam Vacuum Cleaner is among the best cleaners for tile floors in my opinion. The steam dissipated from this vacuum cleaner is effective on hardwood, ceramic tiles, granite, or marble flooring, as well as on linoleum. I could clean different surfaces with this vacuum cleaner because of its unique design. 

Bissell Symphony Steam Vacuum Cleaner

I liked the steam on-demand feature of this vacuum cleaner, and this feature allowed me to heat this vacuum instantly without any waiting or preparation time. The water tank capacity on this vacuum is more significant than other traditional cleaners, with a 12.8 oz capacity. 

The 1100 watts of power on this vacuum cleaner instantly prepares hot steam with more pressure. I could also dispose of the waste collected in this vacuum cleaner without getting my hands dirty, as this vacuum cleaner has a hands-free emptying design. This upright steam vacuum cleaner also helped me reach the nooks and corners of my home. 


  • Weight: 9.74 pounds
  • Size:9.75 x 11 x 46 inches
  • Batteries: No
  • Filter: Yes
  • Cordless: No
  • Bagless: Yes
  • Includes: Soft pad, scrubby pad, mop pad tray, detachable boost tray, and so on. 
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Surface: Hard flooring and tiles
  • Form factor: Steam upright vacuum cleaner
  • Water tank capacity: 12.8 oz
  • Power ratings: 1100 watts


  • This vacuum cleaner works on dry tank technology, and this feature prevents moisture from getting into the dirt tank of the vacuum. 
  • This vacuum cleaner offers scented disks, and this disk can attach to the mop pad and then eliminate foul pet odor from the home. 
  • It also includes multiple accessories with it, such as disposable mop pads, a mop pad kit, and more.
  • This vacuum cleaner can perform the steaming function and the vacuuming function separately and together. 
  • It also has an extra-large dust storing unit. This helps clean and cover a more significant portion of the home in a single refill. 


  • Some people find the suction point on this vacuum to be a bit low. 
  • The wheels on this vacuum cleaner might leave some marks on your floor. 

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#2 – Dreamtech H11 Steam Vacuum Cleaner

This Dreamtech steam vacuum cleaner is a great choice for cleaning hard tile flooring as this vacuum cleaner is quite powerful. Despite its power, it operates silently without disturbing others. 

Dreamtech H11 Steam Vacuum Cleaner

In my experience, the separate water tanks on this vacuum cleaner make cleaning easier. I could use one tank with a capacity of 700 mL for storing clean water. On the other hand, the second tank with a capacity of 400 mL can store dirty water. 

I liked the design of this steam vacuum cleaner as it is cordless and lightweight. I could roam with this vacuum cleaner and clean hard floor surfaces such as tile flooring. 


  • Weight: 20 pounds
  • Size:12.6 x 11.1 x 4.3 inches
  • Batteries: No
  • Filter: HEPA filter
  • Cordless: Yes 
  • Runtime: 35 minutes
  • Bagless: No
  • Includes: Cleaning brush, adaptor, charging base, cleaning fluid, brush roller, and so on. 
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Surface: Hard floor carpets
  • Form factor: Upright steam vacuum cleaner
  • Water tank capacity: 1.1 liters. 
  • Power ratings: Not mentioned.


  • This vacuum cleaner operates on the technology of one-touch self-cleaning. This feature allows the vacuum to clean surfaces automatically. 
  • This vacuum cleaner is cordless, and it shows its battery level on its screen at all times. 
  • This vacuum cleaner is efficient as it optimizes its suction power with air control and channelling. 
  • This vacuum cleaner disinfects surfaces and objects with high pressure and hot steam. 
  • It is even compatible with smart voice assistants for easy control. This enables the vacuum cleaner to work with specific voice commands remotely. 


  • Some users have experienced issues with charging this vacuum cleaner.

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#3 – Polti Steam Vacuum Cleaner

In my view, this vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning tile flooring as it has a very ergonomic design. I didn’t have to lift this vacuum cleaner to bring it around; I could simply move it with its wheels to different parts of my home. 

Polti Steam Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner also can adjust the intensity of the steam, and this feature allowed me to calibrate the heat of the steam depending on the type of surface I was using the cleaner on. 


  • Weight: 17.96 pounds
  • Size: ‎21 x 13.03 x 13 inches
  • Batteries: No
  • Filter: HEPA
  • Cordless: No
  • Bagless: Yes
  • Includes: Nozzle, tubes, microfiber cloths, socket, brush, and so on. 
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
  • Surface: Floors, windows, and carpets. 
  • Form factor: Canister vacuum cleaner
  • Water tank capacity:67.6 fl oz
  • Power ratings: Not given


  • With this vacuum cleaner, there will be no stopping while cleaning. It has a huge boiler that can continuously steam water. 
  • The steam from this vacuum cleaner kills and eliminates 99.99% of viruses, germs, and bacteria. This feature provides a feature for sanitizing your environment. 
  • The water tank capacity on this vacuum cleaner is larger than other cleaners, with a capacity of 67 oz. 
  • It also contains a boiler cap that makes this vacuum cleaner safe for use near pets and children. 
  • This steam vacuum cleaner comes with a special set of accessories that enhance the cleaning experience. 


  • Some people might find the instructions for this vacuum cleaner to be a bit confusing. 

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Final Thoughts

Steam vacuum cleaners are ideal for cleaning and sanitizing your surroundings. For this article, I have personally selected and reviewed the best steam vacuum cleaners for tile floors. I have given reference to functions such as the intensity of the heat pressure created by the vacuum cleaner. I hope you will find this information useful and helpful for your buying decision.

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