In these best upright vacuum reviews, you should be able to find one worthy of being kept in one of your home’s closets. We’ve chosen models to suit every budget and have divided our selections into premium, medium and budget price categories below.

All of the vacs on this list are our selection of the best all round performing models of upright cleaner. They are all corded, full powered models. These models perform well on either carpeted or hard floors and are also relatively easy to handle in terms of steering and size. Furthermore, they are more than capable of dealing with pet-inhabited areas, so you know that shedding will no longer be a problem.

ModelPriceFilterWarrantyBagged/ BaglessWeightCord Length
MIELE DYNAMIC U1 CAT AND DOGPremiumAirClean HEPA7 yearBagged21.4lbs39ft
DYSON DC65 ANIMAL COMPLETEPremiumHEPA5 yearBagless18lbs35ft
SHARK ROTATOR POWERED LIFT-AWAY (NV752)MediumHEPA7 yearBagless15.6lbs30ft
SHARK NAVIGATOR LIFT-AWAY PRO NV356EBudgetHEPA5 yearBagless13.7lbs/ 8lbs*30ft
ORECK XL2100RHSBudgetInner bag with Saniseal® automatic closing seal1 yearBagged9lbs*35ft
BISSELL CLEANVIEW UPRIGHT 9595ABudgetMulti-Level Filtration, and washable foam tank filter2 yearBagless15lbs25ft
*approximate weight without cord

Best Upright Vacuum Reviews – Premium Price Range


Quiet Vacuum Cleaner - Uprights
The Miele U1 Cat and Dog is Miele’s top of the range upright vacuum cleaner designed specifically for pet owners. The multi-stage filtration ensures that 99.9% of fine dust is filtered and only clean air expelled. Additionally, the Active AirClean Filter has active charcoal layers to neutralize and absorb unwanted pet odors.


  • LED Headlight
  • HEPA filtration and AirClean Sealed System – locks in the dirt
  • Swivel neck design
  • Extra large bag capacity
  • 7 year warranty on the motor & casing (2 year Good Housekeeping Warranty Seal)


  • On the heavy side (21.4lbs)
  • Ongoing cost of replacement bags

We love the Miele brand here at Home Vacuum Zone. Their German engineered vacuums are built to last and their performance is second to none. The AirClean Sealed System means that all of the dirt collected will stay in the vacuum on not escape back ino the air, including the very finest dust particles (HEPA filtration). As a result they are an excellent choice for allergy and asthma sufferers alike. Furthermore, the swivel neck design, variable speed adjustment controls and automatic height adjustment makes vacuuming a breeze. This is our top choice upright vacuum cleaner – if you’re budget allows.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Best Upright Vacuum Reviews - Dyson DC65 Animal

The DC65 uses Radial Root Cyclone technology as well as a tangle-free turbine tool.  Its counter-rotating heads get deep-seated dirt out of carpeting and comes with a tool storage bag.


  • Very easy to move around
  • Very strong suction
  • Automated floor adjustment works smoothly
  • Bagless design means no ongoing cost of replacement bags


  • Expensive
  • Very slightly on the large/heavy side

As this is one of the most expensive items in our Best Upright Vacuum Reviews one does expect a certain level of performance and durability from it in exchange.  Fortunately, it delivers on those expectations.  This Dyson is one of the more powerful machines for its size, and though it might feel a bit largish if you’re small or live in a tiny place (it’s about 18 or so pounds), its suction is definitely up to taking on just about any mess without a hitch.  It’s rather nice-looking and looks slimmer than it really is, which is of course a good thing.  It also drives pretty easily, with no trouble switching from one floor type to another.

Best Upright Vacuum Reviews – Medium Price Range

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet (NV752)

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is a premium performing vacuum for a mid-range price. Although this vacuum cleaner has washable filters, its advanced cyclonic technology ensures that they aren’t clogged quickly. This can explain why the NV752 does not lose its suction power over time.
The vacuum cleaner can be operated as a canister, upright or hand held thanks to the powered lift away technology. This feature enables it to be used for cleaning under the furniture. It also maneuvers around objects easily. This model has a mini motorized brush, which is an improvement from the air driven brush of the previous models.


  • Sealed HEPA filtration to ensure the dust stays in the vacuum
  • Bagless cyclone technology that doesn’t lose suction
  • Versatile functionality – converts to canister or hand-held as well as upright
  • Powerful suction that competes with othe Premium priced vacuum brands
  • 7 year warranty


  • Build quality is not as robust compared to Miele. But for this price, that is to be expected.

Best Upright Vacuum Reviews – Budget Price Range

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

The NV356E is Shark’s Navigator Lift-Away Professional vacuum model comes with Gentle Deep Clean technology.  It combines an extra-large dirt canister with lightweight but sturdy construction and has an anti-allergen complete seal in its filtration system. This model also has the bonus of coming with a Dust-Away hard floor attachment and 2 washable microfiber pads. As a result, this vacuum has the versatility to pick up large debris and fine dust from bare floors.



  • Doesn’t have a soft bristle attachment
  • Not great at sucking up dirt from edges

This is a good budget option for all round cleaning performance from an upright vacuum. Equipped with huge sucking power, the Shark Navigator comes with a HEPA filter, a 30-foot cord, a large dust cup, a suction power adjuster, a beater bar control, and a pet fur brush.  There are some minor issues like poor machine balance when not propped up by anything else, but probably the only real complaint about it is that it doesn’t do that well at vacuuming edges.  Overall, this is a great buy with serious cleaning power behind it.

Oreck XL2100RHS

Best Upright Vacuum Reviews - Oreck XL2100RHS

The XL2100RHS is a commercial upright from Oreck that uses a bag and cord combination for powerful, high-capacity vacuum cleaning. It has an automatic floor adjustment, a powerful brush roll, and an ergonomically designed handle.


  • Very light at just over 8lbs
  • Very strong suction
  • Highly durable


  • Doesn’t come with attachments
  • A little loud

This commercial upright is a model example of its type, with an extra-long cord, very large and cheap disposable bags, and an amazingly lightweight but sturdy frame.  It does put out a bit of sound in use, but not enough to be considered painful.  It’s the price you pay anyway for the power this particular sucker has—it almost moves you along the room with its power.  It’s more than affordable at just under $180 too, so it’s a great buy even with its noise and the fact that it lacks bundled attachments.

Bissell CleanView Upright 9595A

Bissell CleanView Upright 9595A

Relatively light for its power, the 9595A weighs only 15 lbs. and uses a cyclonic suction system.  A TurboBrush tool is included in the package for upholstery and stair cleaning, and a bottom-opening system renders the dirt canister extra-easy to clean.


  • Very strong suction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Dirt canister really is easy to remove and clean


  • A little bit loud

This is a very cheap but rather strong option for upright vacuum shoppers in search of something lightweight yet powerful.  It costs only $80, boasts some serious sucking strength (it might even put your oldest carpets in jeopardy if you’re not careful), and has the added benefit of a very convenient dirt tank design.  It doesn’t have automated floor adjustment, but you can perform height adjustments manually for the brush if you have combination floors. It’s also just slightly noisy when running, but that’s what you get with vacuums that have this sort of muscle.


As with most best buy lists, you have to evaluate the recommendations according to your own preferences. The top product in this lineup can vary based on different factors.  If you have the money to pay for it, for instance, and need something seriously heavy-duty, the best upright here is the Miele model.

But most people will think twice about shelling out over $500 for an upright or may be living in apartments or relatively small spaces—in which case a better buy would perhaps be the Bissell CleanView model.  It’s the cheapest thing on the list but still packs enough of a punch to give the pricier competitors a run for their money.

Of course, uprights are the best type of vacuum if you have mainly carpeted floors in your home. If your main need from your vac is for carpet cleaning performance, we highly recommend checking out our selected best vacuums for carpet as rated by the Carpet and Rug Institute. In addition, since all of the uprights we cover here are corded models, you may be interested in checking out our recommended best cordless vacuums, which are becoming increasingly popular with ever improving battery technology.