How to Use a Hoover Carpet Cleaner

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The chances are that you have a carpet, perhaps even a rug. If you do not, then what are you doing here? If you are here, and you are staying, then you have an area of carpet which either needs to be cleaned or will need to be cleaned in the future. You could call in the professionals and have them do it for you, but you know that that is going to cost you a lot of money.

The other option is to do it yourself. You could rent or buy a carpet cleaner and tackle the problem yourself. The only thing stopping you is your lack of knowledge. You want to use a Hoover carpet cleaner, but you do not know how to. Well, we are here to instruct you on how to use a Hoover carpet cleaner. Let’s get started.

How Do I Use a Hoover Carpet Cleaner?

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You may have splashed out and bought a Hoover carpet cleaner, or you may just have rented one; either way, at some point, you are going to be looking at a Hoover carpet cleaner and wondering how you use it. Before you do that, you need to prepare the area which you are about to clean. If you can, you should remove all of the furniture from the room. This will allow you to tackle the entire carpet without any obstacles.

If you cannot remove all of the furniture, then remove what you can and move the remainder of the furniture to the other side of the room. This way, you can tackle a large chunk of the room before moving the furniture over to the other side and tackling the rest (make sure to let the carpet dry before moving furniture onto it).

Get Cleaning

Once you have the furniture out of the way, you can start your cleaning. If you can vacuum with your Hoover, you should do that first. If not, use your own vacuum to fully vacuum the area which you are about to clean.

When it comes time to use your Hoover carpet cleaner, there is no better way to acquaint yourself with it other than by reading the owner’s (or renter’s) manual. Most Hoover carpet cleaners work in the same way, so follow our steps, and you will be fine.

Find the water tank

That is what you are going to fill with water and cleaner. There should have been some detergent included with your purchase or rental. Use as much detergent as is recommended and then add water to the fill line. Mix both until the detergent is incorporated into the water.

Plug your Hoover cleaner into a power source and turn it on

You may have to wait for it to heat up or you may be able to start operating it immediately. Choose the setting on the cleaner which most matches the surface you are cleaning. You will likely have to choose the length of the carpet you are about to clean. Once you have chosen the correct setting, you can pull the trigger and begin to work your way across your floor.

You want to move back and forth over the same area a few times for effective cleaning. If there are stubborn stains, then move back and forth until the stain is gone. Make sure to overlap your back and forth motion to get all of the floor you are cleaning.


Once you have cleaned the entire floor with detergent, you want to rinse the floor. You do not want to leave the detergent on the carpet. Remove any of the solution which is left in the water tank and replace it with fresh, clean water. Repeat your journey over the carpet as before, moving back and forth over every part of it.

When you have passed the vacuum over all areas, move over the areas again without pressing the trigger. This will not release any more water but will still activate the suction. Remove as much of the water from the carpet as you can.

Let it dry

Before you move furniture back onto the area which you have cleaned, let it fully dry. Air drying may take a few hours, but you can use a fan to circulate the air and speed up the process. Once the carpet is dry, you can replace the furniture and walk on the carpet again. Good job!

How to Use a Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner

If you are using a Hoover SteamVac, you are going to follow a similar process to a regular Hoover carpet cleaner. Read the manual first and then fill your cleaner with a mix of water and detergent. The SteamVac cleaner will come with a variety of tools which you can use. This carpet cleaner can also be used to clean stairs, furniture, and upholstery too. A spin scrub head is also great for getting rid of stubborn stains on your carpet.

Follow the same cleaning procedure for a SteamVac once you have chosen the appropriate tool.

How to Use a Hoover Power Scrub Carpet Cleaner

Again, you are going to use this cleaner as you did the regular Hoover carpet cleaner. The main difference between the Hoover Power Scrub and the Hoover carpet cleaner is the addition of cleaning brushes which spin in a constant 360° motion. This allows you to clean a larger area of carpet. This carpet cleaner is more efficient compared to the regular cleaner and will be more effective at taking care of stubborn stains.

It also features an automatic detergent mixing mechanism. This means that you do not have to measure and mix the detergent with the water. You can rinse the carpet as you go instead of having to wait until you have completed the entire carpet.

Cleaning your carpet can bring fresh life to your home. It is also a great tool if you want to sell your home. When it comes to cleaning carpets, for best results, we recommend washing your carpets once every year.

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