Eufy vs Roomba Robot Vacuums

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If you are in the market for a robot vacuum cleaner, you are in good company. You might be surprised to know that the robot vacuum market is already 8.9 billion USD strong and growing at a tremendous rate of 22.8%. That’s a good chunk of the population that think robot vacuums are worth the money!

For most folks new to robot vacuums, Roomba is likely the most prominent brand. However, many challengers have come up ever since the first Roomba was released by iRobot in 2002. Eufy is a brand that has made a strong name for itself in recent years as a value for money competitor to iRobot. Roomba still has a stronger range of models, but Eufy has built up an impressive lineup with many new and affordable releases.

Today, we will compare these two big brands on their latest releases: 

  • Eufy BoostIQ Robovac 30C vs Roomba 694
  • Eufy Robovac G30 Hybrid vs Roomba i3+

Eufy Robovac G30 Hybrid vs Roomba i3 Comparison Table

ProductEufy Robovac G30 HybridRoomba i3+
Weight (lbs)6.397.44
Dust/ Dirt Capacity (L)0.4513.5 oz
Type Of FiltrationHEPANon HEPA
Power2000 Pa10X of 600 series
Warranty Length (months)1212
Noise Level (Db)56~60
Included Tools And AttachmentsRoboVac G30 Hybrid, Charging Base, AC Power Adapter, 2 Side Brushes, Additional Unibody Filter, Cleaning Tool, Water Tank, Washable Mopping cloth*1, Disposable Mopping Cloth*5, Waterproof Pad, 6.6 ft. Boundary Strips, Adhesive Tapes*2, 5 Cable Ties, Filter Element*41 Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal2 Dirt Disposal Bags1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
Charge Time5-675 mins
Run Time (mins)10090
Number Of Batteries2600mAh Li-ion, DC14.4V1800 mAH Li-Ion, DC14.4V

Eufy BoostIQ Robovac 30C

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The Robovac 30C is Eufy’s top-of-the-line robot vacuum, at a very reasonable $200+ price tag. It has powerful suction and a low profile. Its best features include its capacity to clean for 100 minutes continuously, along with its large 0.6L dust container that does not need to be emptied too often. It can clean a room of the size of 1000 sq feet in one go without charging. 

The Robovac 30C has a strong suction capacity of 1500Pa (much higher than the Roomba 694) and is combined with a three-point cleaning system; this makes for a strong cleaning combination for hardwood floors and low to medium pile carpets.

It has drop sensing technology, good for homes with stairs and multiple levels. You can restrict its movement using boundary strips (included with the package). It is an intelligent vacuum, you can connect it to Alexa and Google assist for voice controls, or you can control it directly using the Eufy app.


  • It has a three-point cleaning system with one main rolling brush and two side rolling brushes for a thorough clean (the Roomba 694 has only one side brush).
  • It has a powerful 1500Pa suction which picks out dirt and dust easily.
  • Works well in houses that have levels and stairs because of its intelligent drop sense technology.
  • It cleans for 100 minutes at a stretch and has a large 0.6L dust carrying capacity, so you don’t have to stop the cleaning in between to remove the dust.
  • It has one of the lowest profiles in the market (2.85 inches high). It can easily go under furniture and the tightest of places.
  • You can set boundaries of areas where you don’t want the Robovac to go with the included boundary tapes.
  • It can sense tough to clean areas and increase suction power 1.5 times using its BoostIQ technology.
  • You can control the machine through Wi-Fi by connecting it with the app. You can even use voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assist.
  • The Robovac has HEPA filters, which is a big plus, especially if you are allergic to dust mites!
  • It comes with a ton of accessories, including a cleaning tool, extra filters, extra side brushes, and cable ties.


  • It does not work well on high pile carpets. Even on medium and low pile carpets, the cleaning time is significantly reduced.
  • It has a random cleaning pattern, which can be annoying to some users.
  • It doesn’t perform well in houses with pets. Its brushes tend to accumulate animal hair, which gets tangled there, reducing the ability to clean. Which robot vacuum is best for pet hair?
  • It does not have an indicator for when the dust collector is full, unlike the Roomba. 
  • You can only schedule cleaning once a day, which may not be enough for a large house.

Youtube Review

If you are new to robotic vacuums, we think the Eufy Robovac 30C is a good entry point. It has many high-end features and does a fairly good job for the price. To get a clearer picture of its capabilities, you can see it in action here:

Roomba 694

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Personalized Cleaning Recommendations, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging, Roomba 694

The Roomba 694 is the latest in the Roomba 600 line of economical robotic vacuum cleaners. Apart from the Wi-Fi capabilities in this model, it is very similar to the Roomba 675.

One of the key differences between the Roomba 694 and Robovac 30C is the ability to clean carpets. The Robovac 30C does not perform well even on medium pile carpets, whereas the Roomba 694 comes with iRobot’s patented double brush design, which manages carpets much better.

Secondly, the Roomba 694 has adaptive scheduling; it learns from the way you clean every day and suggests schedules based on that. This is in contrast with the Robovac 30C, which is not as smart. 

Both the Roomba 694 and Robovac 30C use a random coverage method for navigating around the house, which may be good for a small place, but if you have a very large house, it may not work as well. 

Roomba 694 does not have a very high suction power (600Pa) compared to the Robovac, but because of its double brush design, it does not need as much suction. Secondly, it has a smaller battery, therefore, a lower run time (90 minutes). 

One more key difference is the boundary-less walls used by Roomba devices compared to boundary tapes used by Eufy. Boundary-less walls are infrared-based, they require a battery, but they are free of clutter on your floor and easier to place. Tapes are tough to install but work without any batteries. I prefer the clutter free convenience offered by the Roomba.


  • It has a Dual brush design, which lets you clean carpets and animal hair much better than the Robovac 30C.
  • It negotiates steps and other obstacles very well.
  • It can create intelligent schedules for cleaning based on your daily cleaning habits.
  • The Roomba 694 can also sense high dirt areas and apply higher suction at those points, just like the Robovac 30C.
  • You can control the vacuum using the iRobot app or voice control software.
  • It charges quickly because of the smaller battery size.


  • It does not have HEPA filters, so it might be a better idea to explore other options if you have dust allergies.
  • It has a slightly shorter run time (90 minutes).
  • The Roomba 694 is quiet, but it can still disturb you if you watch TV or do some work requiring a bit of concentration.
  • It does not come with any accessories.

Youtube Review

The Roomba 694 is the latest in the line of low-cost robot vacuums that iRobot has produced. You can see this product in action here, especially the two brush designs that we discussed earlier.

Eufy BoostIQ Robovac 30C vs. Roomba 694: Which Is Better?

Overall, both the Roomba 694 and Robovac 30C have similar features, so which one should you choose? Well, for one thing, the Robovac is about $50 cheaper, so if money is an important consideration, then the choice is clear.

If you have dust allergies, then clearly, Robovac is the better choice because of its HEPA filters. Secondly, the Robovac has a longer run time, so you should prefer it for larger spaces. The Robovac is physically smaller and has a lower height (12.79 x 12.79 x 2.85 inches) than the Roomba (13.4 x 13.4 x 3.54 inches), so if you have a lot of furniture in your house, this might be an important consideration for you.

On the other hand, the Roomba does a much better job cleaning carpeted floors than the Eufy. Independent tests show that the Roomba performs much better on high-pile carpets. Another thing to consider is that if you don’t have the time to create schedules and program your robot cleaner, the Roomba offers intelligent suggestions for setting a schedule.  

Eufy Robovac G30 Hybrid vs. Roomba i3+: Comparison Table

ProductEufy Robovac G30 HybridRoomba i3+
Weight (pounds)6.397.44
Dust/ Dirt Capacity (L)0.45
Type Of Filtration (Hepa Or Non-Hepa)HEPA
Power (Preferably In Aw Otherwise Use Watts)2000 Pa10X of Standard (not mentioned by Roomba)
Warranty Length (months)1212
Noise Level (Db)56NA
Included Tools And AttachmentsRoboVac G30 Hybrid, Charging Base, AC Power Adapter, 2 Side Brushes, Additional Unibody Filter, Cleaning Tool, Water Tank, Washable Mopping cloth*1, Disposable Mopping Cloth*5, Waterproof Pad, 6.6 ft. Boundary Strips, Adhesive Tapes*2, 5 Cable Ties, Filter Element*41 Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal,5 AllergenLock™ Dirt Disposal Bags,1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
Charge Time (If Cordless) (in hours)5-6Recharges automatically when on low battery
Run Time (If Cordless)10075
Number Of Batteries (If Cordless)2600mAh Li-ion, DC14.4V23Wh Li-Ion Battery

Eufy Robovac G30 Hybrid

eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30 Hybrid, Dynamic Navigation 2.0, 2-in-1 Sweep and mop, 2000Pa Powerful Suction,Robot Vacuum,Wi-Fi, Boundary Strips

Now, let’s look closely at two high-end new releases from both companies. 

The Robova G30 Hybrid is a mop and sweep robot (two chores in one). Just like the Robovac 30C, it comes with several accessories such as extra brushes, extra disposable mopping cloths, one washable cloth, waterproof pads, and more.

This model uses Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0, which creates a rectangular pattern for the machine to work its way instead of the annoyingly random route that the Robovac 30C takes. You can even see the cleaning history of the device in the connected app once the robot has done its work to check out if it left any nooks and corners in the house.

The machine is voice-enabled (responds to voice commands) and gives voice prompts for things like charging completed, cleaning completed, etc. Another cool feature is that when it goes back to recharge itself, it will restart cleaning from the same point that it stopped at, thereby ensuring that it does not have to clean the whole room again.


  • The Robovac G30 Hybrid uses Smart Dynamic Navigation 2.0 to control its directions while cleaning. This is a more efficient way of cleaning and covers a larger room area than random cleaning.
  • It has very powerful suction (2000 Pa) and a long run time of 100 minutes. It’s great for bigger homes requiring longer vacuuming times.
  • It is a sweep and mop two-in-one device for doing both chores at once. This can save you a lot of time.
  • It is a low-profile device at just 2.85 inches tall (whereas the Roomba i3+ is taller at 3.63 inches), so it can easily get under furniture without bumping into anything.
  • You can control all activities through your mobile phone, and it responds to voice commands as well. It gives helpful voice prompts on completing certain activities.
  • You can check out the path of navigation followed and what areas remain unclean in the app.
  • It does not have a camera-based navigation system, which makes it more secure since there is no way that your home’s data can leak out.
  • It comes with plenty of accessories (mentioned in the table above).


  • The mopping function is not very good; several consumers have complained that it hardly met expectations.
  • It does not have a HEPA filter. In addition, the dust collector is smaller than other Eufy models.
  • It does not work as well with pet hair and heavier rugs.

Youtube Review

You can view the RoboVac G30 in action here:

Roomba i3+

iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO (3550) Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum – Now Clean by Room with Smart Mapping, Empties Itself for Up to 60 Days, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets​, Roomba i3+

If you are tired of cleaning the dust collector of your robot vacuum, the Roomba i3+ could be the solution you are looking for.

This model and its peers, the i3, i7, and i7+, are complete cleaning solutions since they come with the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal unit, where the i3+ can deposit its dust and get back to the job without you having to worry about this chore at all.

It is much more powerful in its suction capacity than the cheaper models from iRobot (10X more powerful than the Roomba 694), uses smart navigation to clean more consistently, and has the same proprietary dual brushes that can easily clean off any surface. 


  • Cleans out dust and dirt easily, including pet hair from carpets as well as hardwood due to its dual brush design.
  • You don’t have to worry about cleaning the dust collector after every run. It deposits dust at the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal unit, which you can clean once every few months.
  • Uses smart navigation to map out the house in rectangular sections. It also has reactive sensing, which allows it to avoid objects that it should not touch.
  • You can control voice-activation and all other features over Wi-Fi with its mobile app.
  • iRobot has a bigger set of parts and accessories available online in case your Roomba gets damaged.
  • It has a textured surface, which does not leave fingerprints.


  • It does not have the smart mapping of zones where the robot cannot go.
  • It is quite loud, and much louder than Robovac.
  • It does not have an in-built mopping function.
  • Quite expensive. Nearly $200 more than the Robovac G30 hybrid.

Youtube Review

Since the i3+ is a fairly expensive device, consider watching it in action before purchasing it. This video demonstrates that it performs well on most surfaces:

Eufy Robovac G30 Hybrid vs. Roomba i3+: Which Is Better?

If you are looking for a mopping function from your robot vacuum cleaner, then the Robovac G30 Hybrid is a no-brainer. On the other hand, if you are fed up with cleaning the dust compartment after every cycle, you should go with the Roomba i3+.

Secondly, the i3+ is fairly expensive, so you should carefully evaluate whether the extra feature of depositing dust is worth the extra money. 

Lastly, the Roomba series has better suction, as proven through multiple independent tests. So if your house needs a more thorough cleaning, you might be better off with the Roomba i3+.

Parting Words

Roomba vs. Eufy: which one would you choose? We hope the above comparisons clarify which kind of user should prefer which model for both the new releases from these two robot vacuum makers.

Certainly, the Eufy models are better priced, whereas the Roomba vacuums generally have better cleaning power. In each case, there is no clear winner, but there are preferred use cases, so review the differences in this article and make your choice based on your vacuuming needs.

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