Bissell AirRam 1984 Vacuum Review

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The Bissell AirRam 1984 provides high-powered performance and versatility for an upright cordless vacuum stick. As cordless vacuums run on battery, power and performance are common pitfalls. This model is not one of those and promises to be just as capable as its corded counterparts.

Equipped with a multi-surface brush roll, it excels in cleaning various surfaces from rugs to carpets, bare floors to hardwood, and even tiles. It utilizes the Suction Sweep Technology that can pick-up most dirt and debris at home, including hard to sweep pet hair and litter. You’ll never run out of power as the AirRam 1984 delivers a good 30-minute mess-free cleaning. Furthermore, the battery is user-replaceable and rechargeable so you can buy an additional battery if you need to vacuum for longer.

In addition, this lightweight Bissell model is convenient and easy to use with swivel steering to maneuver, even in confined spaces and has a lay-flat handle designed to reach under furniture. It’s very compact with a collapsible handle so storage isn’t a worry either. Here’s a quick rundown of specifications:

Bissell Air Ram 1984 Vital Statistics


Cordless Upright Stick


7.9 lbs

Dust/ Dirt Capacity

0.6 L

Type of Filtration

Washable foam filter

Bagged or Bagless



Battery Operated (22 volt lithium ion)


2-Year Limited Warranty

Inclusions/ Attachments


Charge time

4-5 hours

Run time

30+ minutes


It is worth noting where the Bissell AirRam 1984 Vaccum excels in performance. Here are some of the stand out features that we picked out:



Forget about the cord that tangles on objects when cleaning and move around with ease across various surfaces with this battery-operated cordless vacuum. Cords on vacuums are usually obstacles when cleaning and so Bissell gets rid of that in this model, but not at the expense of power delivery, which is on a par with its corded counterparts.  


Versatile on multiple surfaces with its multi-surface brush roll armed with Suction Sweep Technology. Never miss out on dirt and debris, including pet hairs.


Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum

This ultra lightweight vacuum can easily maneuver across and around cleaning paths and under furniture. Plus, LED foot lights illuminate dirt so nothing gets left off your floors.


The unit can be effortlessly operated with its power button located on the powerhead, accessible even by foot. The battery can be easily removed for replacement and the stick handle can be pushed down for easy storage, all within a press of a button.


Bissell placed the power motor into the AirRam’s cleaning head near the brush roll. This is a unique feature and means uninterrupted power as the motor and motorized brush are close with each other.


Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum

The average sized dirt bin has a built-in, easy empty slider that fully pushes out dirt and debris. You have a practically mess-free bin ready for another round.


Considering that it is a compact, battery-operated vacuum, it has a runtime of more than 30 minutes, on full charge. It also has a relatively quick charge time of 4 to 5 hours.

LED Headlights

Bissell 1984 Air Ram Cordless Vacuum

Not all cordless stick vacuums have LED lights so this is a great feature to see on the AirRam. The LEDs on this unit are also really bright and will illuminate floors so you can easily see any fine dirt and debris that you need to attack!


Many users agree on the decent battery runtime of the Bissell AirRam 1984 Vacuum. It lasts longer than expectations so it can cover more/bigger areas and surfaces to clean. It works very well on low pile carpet, hardwood, and even on bare floors. Consumers say that it has a powerful suction to pick up both surface and embedded dirt and dust.

Usability is high as it is easy to assemble, use, clean, maintain, and store. It is a good value for money as it falls on the middle spectrum on cost, but performs as agile as its more expensive competitors.

It is pet-friendly as it cleans your furry friends’ hair, dander, and litter, which are commonly problem areas for pet owners and where many vacuum under-perform.


As it is versatile to clean different surfaces, it lacks on some ‘go to’, simple functionalities. There is no brush roll on/off switch, which makes it hard to transition on changing surfaces. You need to remove the brush roll with the release button in order to turn it off, then that’s when you change surface. Thick, deep pile carpet is a challenge to clean for the unit.

The AirRam 1984 is solely an upright vacuum and is non-convertible to a hand vac, which many competitor cordless stick vacuums can do. There are no extra tools for upgrade and supply replacement, such as the brush roll, though washable will wear overtime.

Even if it promised to be agile and maneuverable, there were reports of it not navigating well around confined areas. And there were several experiences that the handle is very fragile and that it easily breaks. Longevity was also an issue for some, with their unit not functioning after only a few months, requiring a warranty claim.

Video Demo and Review

See the Bissell AirRam 1984 Vacuum in action with this product demonstration. Take the time to see all the features and functions of this upright vacuum before committing to purchase.

In addition, here are some user reviews to see the positive and negative side before you purchase.


The Bissell AirRam 1984 Vacuum didn’t over promise on its features and functionality but rather performs as per product specifications. It does what it says, so you actually get what you paid for and it is excellent value for money. There might be question marks on durability and maneuverability of the unit, which are important considerations, however, these aspects are often dependent on user handling.

The AirRam excels very well on cleaning tests conducted on various surfaces, except on thick and deep pile carpets. Buttons are also ergonomically placed so usability is very good.

However, you might need a counterpart handheld vacuum to clean elevated areas of your homes or office because it is non-convertible.

The Bissell AirRam 1984 Vacuum is very well suited for small and mid-sized homes, confined office space, condo unit, and apartments.

Bissell's airRam 1984

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