SEBO Vacuum Reviews – Best Options in 2020

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No one likes seeing dirty floors and tiles. On the other hand, the housecleaning process is not something you prefer spending your free time on. Hence, you have a problem. You want a clean house, but you don’t have the energy or the hours you would need to thoroughly brush and mop.

Nothing to worry about as that is what a vacuum cleaner is there for. This handy product has been on the market for a couple of decades, helping average households in surpassing house cleaning issues. It is more efficient than traditional methods, and with proper maintenance and care, one that is from trusted brands such as SEBO, Miele, Shark or Dyson should last you over 5 years.

As we mentioned, the SEBO company sits among the most trusted names when it comes to vacuum cleaners, which is the reason we have decided to review a few of its products, including the best overall and the best-budget pick. Let’s go ahead and take a look at what we have found out!

Sebo X5 Upright Vacum Cleaner

SEBO 9587AM Automatic X5 Upright Vacuum, Blue/Yellow - Corded

The X5 model stands as the best SEBO vacuum cleaner and that’s for a few reasons. While it comes at a higher price, this machine is extremely powerful, running at 1,300 watts and with a 15-inch brush head that will ensure no dirt spot is left behind.

Along with that, the trusted SEBO company ensures that you will get at least 15 years out of this product, which is covered by a limited-lifetime warranty.

One of its most innovative features is that it can automatically adjust the brush according to the carpet height, ensuring the best results.

Highlighted by its attractive and sturdy design, this vacuum cleaner comes in blue and blue/yellow variations. As for its power, apart from the 1,300 watts that it runs on, it peaks at 12 amps (with both motors). Overall, this vacuum cleaner is an excellent investment if you have a flexible budget, and you want a vacuum cleaner that will perform great on anything from short carpets to shags.


SEBO 9587AM Automatic X5 Upright Vacuum, Blue/Yellow - Corded

  • It is an upright vacuum cleaner made with HEPA filter technology, with the limited lifetime warranty and a body that can last up to 20 years of heavy use;

  • It can clean on any type of surface whether it is a short carpet, shag or a smooth ceramic tile making it the ultimate vacuum cleaner;

  • The X5 is extremely powerful peaking at 12 amps and running on two 1,300-watt motors that ensure excellent performance even during heavy cleaning sessions;

  • Doesn’t leave a spot behind with S-class filtration including interchangeable micro and odor filters;

  • It is highlighted by a 15-inch brush head that is automatically adjusted according to the height of the surface that it is cleaning


  • Sturdy upright vacuum cleaner;

  • Powerful with two 1300-watt motors;

  • Precise cleaning with a 15-inch brush head and double row bristles;

  • Lifetime limited warranty covering in-built defects.


  • Pricey;

  • Automatic operation not perfect.

Sebo K3 Air Belt Canister Vacuum Cleaner

SEBO 9687AM Airbelt K3 Canister Vacuum with ET-1 Powerhead and Parquet Brush, Red - Corded

If the previous vacuum cleaner is too bulky or too pricey for you, there is no need to throw up the white flag just yet, as the Sebo K3 is the perfect budget-friendly option.

This light and compact vacuum cleaner is just ideal if you are living in a small house or apartment, and you need a vacuum cleaner that will perform efficiently and on different surfaces. While not as sturdy as the X5 model, this one is durable and should still give you at least 10 years of effective performance.

One of the best things about this particular model is that it is quiet, and no one will be disturbed during the housecleaning process. This is why we voted it as the best quiet canister vacuum for 2019.

Highlighted by a 3-step filtration system, you don’t have to worry about dirt or debris getting stuck around the motors and brush. However, this doesn’t mean that you should completely forget about maintenance.

Taking everything into consideration, no one can deny this vacuum cleaner is the ideal choice for someone on a tight budget, but still wants the efficiency and benefits of such a product.


SEBO 9688AM Airbelt K3 Canister Vacuum with ET-1 Powerhead and Parquet Brush, Black - Corded

  • This vacuum cleaner is highlighted by a light and compact design so everyone can use it without much effort;

  • It comes with a number of innovative features and accessories that make it a reliable vacuum cleaner, including horsehair floor brush, crevice tool, dusting brush, and an upholstery tool;

  • A 25ft cord combined with the hose and wand provides a total 37ft cleaning radius.

  • This particular vacuum cleaner runs smoothly and quietly so your neighbors will not be disturbed;

  • Highlighted by its hospital-grade microfilter and a 3-step filtration system, you will not have to worry about any dust being left behind;

  • Made according to high-quality SEBO standards, it lasts 10 years and more.

If you're keen for a full run down of this vacuum cleaners capabilities and features then check out the video below. It's 20 minutes long so make yourself a coffee and see what this SEBO vacuum has to offer.


  • Good quality at an affordable price;

  • Extremely compact and lightweight design suitable for people of all gender and age;

  • Efficient filtration system make this a great vacuum for allergies and asthma sufferers;

  • Quiet and powerful;

  • Lifetime limited warranty.


  • The cord is a little shorter than on larger canisters - like the Airbelt D4 below;

  • Ongoing cost of replacement bags, however these are not too expensive. A pack of 8 genuine SEBO bags is around $25.

Sebo vacuum reviews

At the end of our list is this versatile and reliable product that is highlighted by a powerful, quiet performance and an incredible radius of up to 50 feet.

There are a number of points that make this product a worthy investment. It may have a somewhat higher price (much like the X5 model), but with the 1.5-gallon filter, and a panel of 3 full-on accessories, you are sure to get your money’s worth.

Apart from the attractive and elegant design, and a 40-foot cord that will allow you easy maneuvering, you will get to clean your whole house in as little as an hour. 

With pre-motor filters and sturdy bags, you are sure to get excellent durability out of this product. It is the perfect choice for those living in bigger houses with not as much time to invest in cleaning chores.


Sebo Airbelt D4 Black Premium Canister Vacuum Cleaner with ET-1 Powerhead and Bare Floor Brush w/ Free Shipping!

  • Incredible head with and smooth and reliable steering ability, highlighted by a 40-foot cord and 50-foot cleaning radius that will ensure the best results in the least time;

  • Highlighted by 1.5-gallon filter bags and pre-filter motors;

  • It features an LED power indicator;

  • Includes a five-year warranty.


  • Sturdy and attractive perfect for bigger households;

  • Great filtration system;

  • Attractive LED power indicator;

  • Three full-size tools;

  • Smooth steering ability.


  • No bag closure (disconnected hose);

  • Pricey.

  • Ongoing cost of replacement bags. These are slightly more expensive than the bags for the SEBO Airbelt K3, with a pack of 8 genuine SEBO bags retailing at around $32.


While all of these vacuum cleaners are of high quality, it is the X5 model that is our choice when it comes to what you get included in the offer. It is attractive, features a superb filtration system and a limited-lifetime warranty.

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